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AFE uses ECOLOGICAL ART and PARTICIPATORY ART as tools to increase understanding and knowledge of environmental issues and solutions. The first project, GREEN ON GRAY (GoG), promotes environmental awareness, as well as actions toward mitigating climate change. 

The GoG Project uses the GOG INITIATIVES with ECO-ARTWORKS to involve the public in creative forms of activism: suggesting that everyone can take responsibility to reduce and compensate for their pollution to achieve neutralization of greenhouse gas emissions.

With our 1 Million CO2 ton reduction GoG CHALLENGE we encourage education and collaborative actions that reduce pollution. The Challenge offers participants 10 eco-ethical changes to implement in their day-to-day lives to reduce at least one ton of emissions per year. This GoG COMMITMENT reduces their environmental impact and is symbolized through art by switching a GRAY MARK (pollution) into a GREEN MARK.

Therefore it's up to us to LEAVE A GREEN MARK FOR THE PLANET  and to LEAVE A BLUE MARK FOR THE OCEANS. This prestigious Global Art raises protects our natural resources and respects the planet. We are also on track to beat a Guinness world record by becoming the world’s largest piece of participatory art.

This massive GoG Challenge will also create GOG ELITE (a select group of people and corporations that are superior in terms of ability to take care of our future and the Planet)


For corporations, our GOG CSR PROGRAM offers creative solutions to environmental impact—including education, ecological ethics, green spaces, C02 reduction, Ecological and Participatory Art—through the GOG ELITE CSR PARTNERSHIP  and/or GOG CSR PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP -for small corporations- both of them, designed to disseminate the GoG CHALLENGE. 

The BENEFACTORS can help achieve the promise of reducing 1 million tons of CO2 per year supporting these GoG INITIATIVES to mitigate their impact. 

During 2019 my team and I worked hard to start to develop the BLUE MARK CORAL REEF PARK ART PROJECT. A big-scale environmental project that focuses on CO2 commitment reduction, massive awareness education, three large-scale participatory and ecological artworks, coral restoration-conservation, and new coral reefs that become public underwater tourist attractions.

Join us! Everyone has to participate to make a positive difference in our community and environment.

There are opportunities for individual participation at many levels, including being a GoG Elite Member a Volunteer, a Donor, and a Benefactor. We also have many opportunities for CSR corporate or small business participation. 


In addition, we propose to transform your celebration or event into an unforgettable message of environmental awareness by transforming your next festivity into a GOG PARTY



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