ART FOR EVOLUTION provides education about solutions to environmental problems and safe alternatives to threats to the environment through the first Project: GREEN on GRAY (G.O.G)

The GREEN ON GRAY PROJECT created by Analia Bordenave 

promotes the GOG Challenge and environmental awareness with actions to ensure that a broad audience can be involved in making the cultural shifts needed to move urban communities toward sustainability.

The GoG PROJECT uses art initiatives to involve the public in creative forms of activism, helping them to bring about positive environmental change in a unique and interactive way: “the participatory art.”










Human consumption already exceeds the capacity of nature to renew these resources. Society as a whole contributes to the environmental issues that we face. Urban planning, businesses, governments at all levels, and individuals all contribute to environmental problems including those that directly affect climate change. Earth will continue its processes; it will continue as it has done after each episode of species changing extinction. Can the human race survive the changes and the effects that our excessive consumption generates?



Involve the players in the current problem to also be protagonists of the solution through participatory art and ecological art. Suggest that everyone take responsibility to reduce and compensate for their pollution to achieve neutralization. Through our global art project, awaken awareness of the role of the power of change to transform our GRAY MARK into a GREEN MARWith participatory art initiatives, we propose to "LEAVE YOUR GREEN MARK" to be protagonists of change, refusing to be passive spectators of the harmful effects of urbanization.



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We offer participants the GOG Commitment: 10 eco-ethical changes to implement in their day to day and reduce at least 1 ton of emissions per year. This GoG Commitment reduces their environmental impact switching a gray mark (pollution) into a GREEN MARK.
Once the participants accepted the GoG Commitment, they use one of their thumbs, painted with green ink, to leave a physical mark on the Participatory Artwork


Your help can make possible our goal of achieving the promise of getting 1 million of commitments for reducing 1 Million tons of CO2.



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The GOG Initiatives range from the largest proposal to create a LAND ART PARK with 10,000 trees, to such possibilities as hosting an extraordinary GOG MULTISENSORY EXPERIENCE FEST with augmented reality and virtual reality involving the 5 senses, or an impressive GOG CENTER ECO LIFESTYLE created with 77 recycled containers, to art parties to celebrate environmental lifestyle choices.

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Massive Education Campaign generating awareness of, and commitment to, environmental actions to improve the quality of life.


 CO2 Reduction: 1 MILLION CO2 LESS!

Participatory Art

is for everybody with ecological ethic habits fostering Cultural Change.

Ecological Art:

a practice that directly engages natural ecosystems and processes, often to interrogate relationships between the environment and its inhabitants.

Smart Cities:

​More green spaces optimizing sustainable development.


Corporate Social Responsibility

a collaborative effort with high impact creates innovative solutions to meet the challenges associated with sustainability.



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The GOG Project proposes to create the GoG ELITE a select group of people and corporations that is superior in terms of ability to take care of our future and the Planet.




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" is an approach to making art which engages public participation in the creative process, letting them become co-authors, editors, and observers of the work. This type of art is incomplete without viewers' physical interaction." Wikipedia


READ MORE about Analia Bordenave's Participatory Art: "Leave your GREEN MARK for the Planet"


is an art genre and artistic practice that seeks to preserve, remediate and/or vitalize the life forms, resources, and ecology of Earth, by applying the principles of ecosystems to living species and their habitats throughout ... Wikipedia


READ MORE about Analia Bordenave's Ecological Art: Land Art Parks, Botanical Canvas, Living Art Roofs, and Eco-Art Instalations



"...Art that requires human interaction with nature to be completed".

"...Art that involves both nature and the public in its creation, presentation and visualization".

"...Art that invites people to take action and stop being passive spectator s of urbanization".

"...Art that spurs people to interact with each other, achieving general well-being for the human race".

"...Art that responds to participants and the surroundings".

"...Art that induces a reflection about the relationship between humans and nature throughout history, aggravated in the last century, leading to the crisis we are living right now".

"...Art that belongs to people and nature joining forces to achieve a mutual benefit".


 Analia Bordenave



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The Participatory and Ecological Artwork "TRIBUTE TO INDIVIDUALITY",  directed and created by our founder the artist Analia Bordenave, in 2009 is the largest participatory artwork in the world This global piece of art has been chosen for raise awareness and "Leave a GREEN MARK for the Planet." To be part of the global artwork we offer participants the GREEN on GRAY Commitment: 10 eco-ethical changes to implement in their day to day and reduce at least 1 ton of emissions per year.


Then they use one of their thumbs, painted with green ink, to leave a physical mark on the art piece and on a participation certificate. Each unique MARK is exhibited and becomes an international masterpiece that assembles all those who leave a GREEN MARK on the planet. 

"Leave a GREEN MARK for the Planet" and be part of a piece of art: to be protagonists of change, refusing to be passive spectators of harmful effects of urbanization.



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There are opportunities for individual participation at many levels, including being a GoG Elite Member a Volunteer, a Donor and a Benefactor. We also have many opportunities for CSR corporate or small business participation. Everyone can participate to make a positive difference in our community and environment.

GREEN on GRAY is our wake-up call and provides us with the tools to reverse the damage that we've done to our planet, and to mitigate future damage that has already been set in motion.


Your participation makes a difference.



Thank you so much for your consideration!

We hope that you will be able to contribute and collaborate with us in advancing our goal of a greener and more sustainable Earth




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