Art For Evolution (AFE ) is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2013 in Miami, Florida by the ecological artist Analia Bordenave to raise awareness of our habits that negatively impact the planet, and shift those toward creating a positive and lasting (green) mark on the planet.


Art For Evolution's goal is to contribute to Human evolution by art.

Art For Evolution's mission is to strengthen the community and the environment through art.

Art For Evolution's vision is raising awareness about the impact of human activity on the planet through Participatory Art.


Art For Evolution uses Ecological Art and Participatory Art as tools to increase understanding and knowledge of environmental issues and solutions. AFE provides education about solutions to environmental problems and provides safe alternatives to threats to the environment through the 1st project, GREEN on GRAY, and culture to live in a sustainable way.

AFE Core Values: The G 2018 plan, along with the project GREEN on GRAY, promotes environmental awareness as well as actions toward mitigating climate change. We encourage education and collaborative actions that reduce pollution and other negative consequences generated by excessive consumption. These are measures that we can take now to allow ecosystems to adapt naturally. With an awareness of climate change and international economic development, we can impact nature and culture to live in a sustainable way.






In response to the trend toward devastation of the planet, I decided to get out of my art studio, set aside my canvas, acrylic, and other traditional materials, and use the elements of nature to make art". 

Aware that human consumption is already greater than the capacity of nature to renew these resources, I wondered: 

Do humans have sufficient capacity to evolve and thrive, given the environmental changes humans have caused that disturb the current ecosystem? 

Will we be able to adapt with the necessary speed to meet the environmental challenges?    

Will we be able to survive the alterations in the atmosphere and on the surface of the planet that affect its health and the survival of other animals and organisms?  

We can't avoid all activities that produce CO2, but we can adopt eco-ethical behavior to reduce and compensate for our pollution. It is essential to our future.

I want to go beyond mere contemplation.  I am seeking co-creators in my works of eco-participatory-art to join us in this creative action that inspires awareness and stewardship of the planet while replenishing the earth and our atmosphere.

"I invite you to leave your "GREEN MARK", with a unique opportunity to start an eco-art work together with Nature, who, with the passage of time, will end our eco art piece." 




Meet our collection of talented individuals with wide-ranging perspectives. Our staff members reflect Art For Evolution's mission and values.


The Art For Evolution advisory board is comprised of dedicated people who extend their professionalism and expertise to our organization in an array of capacities. The valued board voluntarily meets with Art For Evolution's management team periodically, to contribute their knowledge. They propose, analyze, evaluate and recommend projects and programs to be developed by the nonprofit organization. We thank them for their altruism and indispensable support.




We have a responsibility to our community and our donors and work hard to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.

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We who are actually responsible for the problem of environmental damage, are the protagonists of the solution. Each one of us can compensate the planet for our pollution.



We believe that the power of the multitude can change the future of the planet. We want GOG (GREEN on GRAY) to be financed for those who make their GREEN MARK on the planet through art.



GPS coordinates on Google maps; photos and videos of the accomplishment of each work to enjoy watching how the projects become reality from start to finish.



100% of GREEN MARK PROGRAM will be converted to eco-art to take care of our planet. Private donors finance our operating costs.


With your GREEN MARK, you contribute to taking care of our planet—reducing your pollution. You will be a co-creator of an eco-art piece, made together with nature, that with the passage of time, will complete it.