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“The Forest”

Chirping birds, the sound of insects, the noise of the wind and the leaves falling. The regular scenario in a forest that you will see, hear and feel.

Nature was my playground when I was young. I remember, when cellular phones was first introduced to our country, we used to go up in the mountains and pass through the forest just to get a cellular service or signal when it was not yet available that much. When the cellular tower got installed and everybody can access it anywhere, the forest disappeared like it was never existing already for me.

The advancement in technology and the fast-paced life became so different and it has been like a rollercoaster ride that is very fast and quick. In circles, I have asked myself, what happened? Did I intentionally forget about my playground or it just happened without me being conscious about?

Well, after years, I became an adult and the world rapidly changed into something I never expected it to be. I saw how the forest became an accessory to most of the millennial kids and the farmers and few other people are the only one’s taking care and seeing the worth of these forests.

Then calamities are striking the world, it changes from time to time and it is wiping a lot of numbers when it concerns the human life. Then I tried to reminisce the days that I am running around, climbing up to the trees and just be free. I saw that what I experienced is something that can fade over time, it can change in a way that future generations will never imagined it to be, or maybe they will never know what a forest is.

How are we going to make a difference?

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]VALUE: We should try to value what nature has been giving us yesterday, today and the next ones. We should always know that we are the consumer of everything and considering we provide the manpower as well, but without the soil, the air and everything, we cannot produce something.

[if !supportLists]2. [endif]RESPECT: We should always respect what the mother nature is offering and giving to us. We need to be very respectful to what the world can give and what we are taking and we should not be greedy and we should always think about the cause and effect of our actions as humans and care taker of the earth.

[if !supportLists]3. [endif]PROTECT: As humans, our race is capable of protecting the entire earth like how an animal is protecting its young. We are not just capable, we are also able. We have the responsibility of doing this since we are the settlers of the earth that has the ability to understand things in a different perspective.

[if !supportLists]4. [endif]BE AN EXAMPLE: The human race should be an example of how to be good citizens and how to be able to take good care of our mother nature. We should be see the beautiful world that is giving us the things we need and we should be an example how to take care the so-called life and preservation.

[if !supportLists]5. [endif]ACT: All of these should be put into action not just words. We should always know how to work than just talking. As people and settlers, we have the capacity to do whatever what we want and nothing is impossible.

Making a difference in this world is not as easy as we thought it could be but being the first ones to try it would never be as hard as you thought it could be. Trying is something we need to do and we need to experience so we will learn.

When I was a little kid, they always tell me you’ll never know unless you try and I do believe it. I am believer of the fact as well that humans has the heart that knows what is right from wrong, it is just a matter of choosing which is right and to turn our back from what is wrong.

We should save our mother earth so the future generations will know how beautiful the world is. I am looking forward to the fact that one day my descendants will be able to enjoy how I enjoyed the forests. They can run around as free as they can be. Climb the trees endlessly, shout and hear the echo of their voices, hear the wind as the branches and leaves shake it off and smell the beautiful flowers.

Tasting and experiencing the beauty of the world is not a matter of chance, I believe it is a matter of hard work and a matter of love. So what is the stand of your heart in all of these? I hope it is because your heart should stand for what you call ‘right.’

About the Author: Rhea Vie Fantone-Schuster

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