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Green Rooftops!

France decrees a new rooftop law.

In recent news French legislation has passed a law regarding newly made rooftops in commercial zones. Every new roof must be covered in plants or have a required amount of solar pannels.

As if Paris wasn't eye appealing enough, every commercial rooftop will now be as green as a leaf or as shinny as a mirror. This comes as an upgrade not only in visuals. This measure has an impact on Paris's climate and energy generation.

Allow me to explain: Concrete or other building materials such as wood, metal, bricks and other man made products generate an extra heat in the city because they do not absorve it. Instead these materials retain the heat therefore raising the temperature in the megalopolis. EPA has confirmed that this extra heat can go from 2°F to 5.5°F during the day and 22°F in the night. This obviously generates an overuse of air conditioning therefore A BIGGER waste of energy.

On the other side plants naturally absorve the heat, that's the reason why rural areas are less warm than urban and suburban areas. Having plants on the rooftops will naturally decrease the heat of the city making it more comfortable for those who can't afford or decide not to use the air conditioner.

On the other side France will start to catch up with the other European countries on the eco-friendly side of energy. Germany generates 36GW of Solar energy per year wich is a lot compared to France's 6GW per year. This new law will help France augmentate its solar production therefore protecting the environment and joining the future.

That is a real Green on Gray LAW! Dont you think so? Leave your opinions in the comments!

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