Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1970, Analia begins painting when she is a young child. She quickly learns to work independently, free from constraints. When she is just 8 years old, Analia wins her first prize at an art contest for her self-portrait drawing. She continues to devote her life to creating works of art and receives awards and acknowledgment for her outstanding work throughout the decades.





Analia’s interpretation of tic tac toe, darts, and other classic games, engages viewers as participants, using symbols of power and gender, as well as more everyday symbols, to playfully express social themes and ideals on canvas. Art becomes playful, like a game, while expressing signs and symbols that resonate with each participant.


Since 2007, Analia’s art is part of a permanent collection in the VIP Room of Areolineas Argentinas at the Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She is highlighted in her own section of the magazine A Bordo, by Aerolineas Argentinas, where a list of art fairs that have shown her work is chronicled:


PINTA 2007 (New York)

ART BASEL MIAMI 2007 (Miami)

ARCO 2008 (Madrid)


ART BO 2008 (Colombia) 

ART BASEL 2008 (Miami)

ARCO 2009 (Madrid)


ArteBA 09(Argentina)

ART BO 09( Bogota)

MIA10 (Miami) 



CIRCA 10(Puerto Rico)  







Analia creates her “Tribute to Individuality”: a cultural project of participatory art

designed for a global scale. READ MORE












-"CULTURAL INTEREST" By the Secretary of Culture of the Argentinian Nation

-"COUNTRY INFLUENCE" By the Secretary of Tourism of the Argentinian Nation

-"NATIONAL INTEREST" By the Honorable Senate of the Argentinian Nation  












Tribute to Individuality Non Profit Organization, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Analia establishes and directs the nonprofit organization, Tribute to Individuality, in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009. The organization’s mission is to educate and engage the community through culture. Ms. Bordenave’s vision is to create a movement that harnesses the intrinsic value of each individual to contribute toward the progress of humanity. It emphasizes integration, proactive participation, awareness and appreciation of each individual's value. The work stems from the importance of discovering unique values and gifts intrinsic to each individual and the unique, unrepeatable moments to use our uniqueness to forward humanity.



  Buenos Aires, Argentina           Bogota, Colombia              Miami, EEUU
Buenos Aires 
Palm Beach 
San Juan
Los Angeles
analia bordenave artist


“Individuality becomes an international masterpiece that unifies every

single one of us, as unique and irreplaceable as we are. Each one of us

contributes to make the world better.” —Analia Bordenave



_2007-2009 PLAYFUL ART:                                 GAMES RE-IMAGINED



Analia redirects Tribute to Individuality towards its global expansion: Art Lovers

International Tour. She visits an array of Latin American Art Fairs, inspiring 

thousands of individuals to participate in the making of a Global Art Piece of

“Participatory Art”. This artwork is a “Tribute to Individuality” by those who seek to

make the world a better place through art.













“You are unique. Your place in this world is unique as well. We all need the

unique part of you that only you can GIVE. Leave your personal mark—your

fingerprint—on the largest artwork in the world. Receive our tribute to your

individuality, your mark, on the world.”








Analia Bordenave’s art represents the emerging Argentinan art in several private art collections. Her work is found in cities across Europe, including Geneva, Paris, Milan, San Remo, among others. Her work is included in several art shows in international art festivals, using her distinctive technique: The Body as a Paintbrush.












_2012 "GIFTS"


The artwork depicts the Iris and Fingerprint of each person. This piece represents the unique and unrepeatable gift of every single individual—a capacity that we all have.







Analia becomes increasingly concerned about the earth and its inhabitants’ 

future. She decides upon Miami as the place to create an organization dedicated

to her vision of a global project that uses art as a tool for evolution.





     Palm Beach, EEUU            Los Angeles, EEUU        San Juan, Puerto Rico
analia bordenave artist




Creates Art For Evolution, a nonprofit organization born in Miami, Florida, whose

mission is to strengthen the community and the environment with participatory art. She develops the Green on Gray alliances, a project with a global scope.



_2015 "FROM U.S.A"


Analia decides to move to the U.S.A. She relocates to Miami, Florida, where she begins to develop the first Participatory Land Art Park that will portray Pope Francis’ fingerprint—his mark on humanity and the environment.


"The eyes can’t be closed

Even upon closing your eyelids

The eyes continue to see…

It's at that moment while looking into your inner self, that the FINGERPRINT of your soul is illuminated. This moments manifests that “DON” (or gift) which is unique and unrepeatable :


Analia Bordenave




Analia’s Eco Participatory Art is:


 "Art that requires human interaction with nature to be completed."

 "Art that involves both nature and public in its creation, presentation and observation.'"

"Art that invites people to take action and stop being a passive spectator of urbanization."

"Art that spurs people to interact with each other  and generates a general sense of well-being for the  human race."

"Art that responds to participants and their surroundings."

"Art that encourages a reflection about the  ways in which humans have been irresponsible in their relationship  to nature throughout history, particularly in the last century, and the serious consequences which we must now transform ."

" Art that belongs to people and nature joining forces to achieve a mutual benefit."

Analia Bordenave                                                                         


analia bordenave artist



Creator and director of the Green On Gray project, Analia collaborates with corporate and municipal partners with the goal of stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions to diminish the threat to ecosystems from excessive human consumption and waste. The Green on Gray project seeks to facilitate a rebalancing of ecosystems (green) and to diminish the harmful effects (gray) contributing to climate change and environmental concerns.


Corporate and municipal partners are asked to form Green On Gray alliances, transforming their Gray Mark (pollution) into a Green Mark (healthy environment), through Eco Participatory Art.


Analia is trained in advanced hydroponics and creates a unique Botanical Canvas. She creates works of Land Art along with the Green On Gray alliances as a global project, to include people’s participation in contributing to cleaner, greener living and to Eco Participatory Art in green spaces around the world.




In the Argentinian Senate, Senators participate in the work of the artist.

Politicians leave The Argentinian Bicentennial Mark Tribute to Juan Vucetich, (July 20, 1858- January 25, 1925) who was a Croatian-born Argentine anthropologist and police official who pioneered the use of fingerprinting.








For Analia, each person’s individuality is conveyed in the artwork.

She highlights that which is unique and unrepeatable—our individuality. She shapes Your Mark on canvas.

Her art embodies the mark you leave on the planet. READ MORE








“If we could get in touch with our soul, how would that unleash our

powers? If we could be an integrated being, how high could we fly?  If we could be happier, how would that transform the world?  If all of us could be more disciplined, what great things could we achieve? So what is the goal? To make the body desire what the soul wants. Because there’s no way to achieve peace by giving in to the body. Your soul will simply not give up. Never. One of the best ways to align body and soul is to have a cause: Finding Peace, Passion, and Purpose to leave “The Soul’s Mark.”—Analia Bordenave







Facing the other person as Mirror, the soul is exposed to Truth. After death, the person’s soul is translucent before the mirror. —A.B.





Mirrors intervened with liquid crystal

Individual-Dar-Solidarity + Culture.

Analia uses her art on behalf of UNICEF Argentina.

7 August, 2011- The artist generates participation from Argentinian celebrities, including musicians, television personalities, national and international visitors and VIPs who contribute to the charity event and in the solidarity work of art to benefit UNICEF.

During 2012, the most prominent Argentine personalities, particularly related to sports and social events, are honored with Solidarity + Art.

analia bordenave artist







Work in Project:

Bitcoin’s Green Mark on the Planet  

The Bitcoin Land Art Park will be shaped like Bitcoin´s Green on Gray mark. The original project brings the possibility of reducing and compensating to everybody, using ecological art. Eco-Art allows us to repair the damage to the environment that we generated as a species.




1. ART EXHIBITION INSTALLATION: "Our Green Mark" a LABYRINTH created with 200 plants and 4300 ft2 for eco-art virtual exhibition with technology VR+AR 

2. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) with Art:  "Leave Your Green Mark" the biggest participatory artwork for the commitment of reducing 1 Million of CO2 tons per year. 

3. MUSIC DJs  for the Planet

4. ART FILM  Open Air Cinema

5. FOOD Vegan for the Planet






The artist creates the concept and development of  "GREEN on GRAY Multisensory Experience Fest" a multisensorial interactive event to generate environmental awareness through seven topics that engage the attendee's five senses.

Covered with a mobile application creating an interactive experience, that incorporates auditory, visual, haptic, and other types of sensory feedback in seven important topics that make a unique proposal with outstanding content:


_2019 ART PARTY! 

The artist proposes to add an ART PARTY and transform every celebration or event into an unforgettable message of environmental awareness and responsibility. Whit her ECO ART PERFORMANCE and LEAVE YOUR GREEN MARK FOR THE PLANET Everyone has a reason to celebrate GREEN.

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