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  • Size 
  • Framing
  • Finish options

1- Select your size 

White wood frame

No extra cost

*About the color 


Any color you want. Choose from 25 custom color options from the swatches included in your kit.

 We'll include color swatches with your fingerprint kit, so you can make your choice before you send your sample back to us.  

2- Select your framing 



3- Select your finish options


Glass Finish


The epoxy, resin based finish that is applied to the image is a multi-step process that is hand poured. The finish also serves as a sealer of your Mark, which is resistant, thus protecting against the passage of time.

+see the cost in the product detail



Photoluminescence Finish


You know what art looks like in the dark?


Your Mark will shine in the dark with a photoluminescence finish.

+see the cost in the product detail

Glitter Finish


The artist can add a bit of sparkle to your Mark with a glitter finish.

+see the cost in the product detail


Basic Finish 


Your natural and basic mark on canvas.

no extra cost

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Fantastic Opportunity

 You can be one of the 5 FOUNDERS, who leave their mark to create the MULTISENSORIAL EXPERIENCE FEST

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