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 Does your mark on the world leave a positive impact or scar?



The worst environmental problems are results of human negligence toward nature, and the depletion of resources over time, with exponential consumption over the last century, forcing us to confront crisis today.





Every single everyday activity, as simple as each may appear, leaves a GRAY mark (carbon footprint). The carbon footprint is the tool used to measure the negative impact on planet earth. Generated by human activities, the carbon footprint is determined by the quantity of greenhouse gas produced. The unit is a measurement of carbon dioxide. Emissions linked with transportation, enterprises, commercial activities and product processing are included in measuring the carbon footprint. Remember each step, activity or consumption we make leaves its mark on the planet! 








The good news is that knowing the problem is the first step toward fixing it! Measuring our GRAY print gives us the possibility to reduce our impact!

Everybody can neutralize pollution by adding trees to the Land Art Park, and leave a Green Mark on the planet.

We believe in the power of the crowd, and want to awaken it! Making a better world is possible through participatory ECO ART. We want the first GREEN ON GRAY Project financed and created by the people who leave a GREEN MARK on the world.


 Eco Art can change the world





The human tendency towards the destruction of nature does not allow anyone to seek refuge in indifference. As we must contend with our habits of consumption and pollution and their impact on natural resources and our environment,

Art for Evolution, a nonprofit organization born in the United States in 2013, has established the global project “GREEN ON GRAY.” This participatory art project is designed to measure, reduce and compensate for carbon emissions with funding from participatory art projects to build and nurture green ecosystems and art parks. Through ecological art, the plan involves people working across the globe to establish an eco-ethical commitment and behaviors that begin to counter the impact from carbon emissions through the creation of green spaces.This effort is a significant step toward thwarting environmental crisis.




















The Founder of Art for Evolution, Analia Bordenave, an ecological artist, is focused on awakening environmental thought and action through the creation of Land Art, "inviting every person to leave their GREEN MARK beginning a work of eco-art together with nature which, with the passage of time, will end our art piece."



 A Green Mark on the Planet 





The park will be configured in the shape of the fingerprint of a noteworthy individual, whose work has made an indelible mark on caring for the environment. Here is an example of Pope Francis' "Green Mark" on the planet:


The park will be shaped like the Pope's fingerprint following his last encyclical. "BE PRAISED" is considered the most important call to action in order to reverse the harm done to the planet and put an end to self-destruction. 

The GREEN on GRAY project uses the Pope’s encyclical to bring a possibility of reducing and compensating to everybody, using ecological art. Eco-Art allows us to repair the damage to the environment that we generated as a species. We will be an echo that repeats and amplifies Pope Francis' message to reach his goal: " to take care of our common home".


Ancla 1


Our "ecological conversion" as requested by Francis in his letter, will be The Pope’s mark on humanity, and will forever remain on the earth in the shape of a public park, as our ecological and cultural heritage for future generations.






 Alliance's Goal




1. Spread the campaign to reach these goals: 


  • 1 million participants will commit to reducing pollution 

  • 1 million tons CO2 per year avoided

  • $250.000.000/year will be saved with eco-ethical change in lifestyle.


 Our web platform allows us to add millions worldwide to our mission. Go to  Use our CO2 Calculator to measure your carbon emissions with just five simple questions. Then we offer you ten eco-ethical changes in your everyday life to add your contribution in this fight to reduce at least 1 ton of emissions per participant. (GOG COMMITMENT). Using our platform, all of our advances, accomplished goals, and artwork can be checked in real time. Also, there is a counter that shows the number of green people who have joined our cause; the total volume of reduced CO2 units; and the money saved in the Green on Gray Project.















2. Design, develop, and implement the Eco Participatory  Artworks on a worldwide scale, with the goal of neutralizing environmental contamination. As citizens, we can each participate in social works as well as encourage politicians to engage in green policies at every level. The combination of efforts ensures a GREEN on GRAY Project and can be executed on a global scale.


























3. Use the participatory art as a mass medium to awaken social conscience and give every single participant a key role in the change that will preserve the planet through creative and responsible actions toward nature. Measuring your consumption and pollution, you begin to commit yourself to reduce it and compensate it with (green) art!















 4. Leave a GREEN MARK on the planet: Your legacy is forever portrayed in an Eco-Artwork: a Public Land Art Park





 Land ArtWork: LEGACY PARK



The Park, a natural ecosystem, plays an important role in climate change: trees and plants, through the process of photosynthesis,  absorb CO2 from the air and use solar energy, water, and salts from the soil,  to transform them into organic substances.This way they become carbon collectors.



10,000 trees 5 -6 FEET TALL will represent 10,000 legacies and create a land art piece portraying Pope Francis’s “Mark” on our world. In order to “take care of our common home” and transform the Gray Mark (pollution) into a GREEN MARK on the Planet.



 It costs $300.00 to complete the entire process to have 1 of the 10,000 unique spaces in the Land Art Park for adding your Legacy represented by a tree, leaving a "Positive Impact" on the Planet.





























The space is planted with native species forming a print that will become a park to be visited by the public. Everyone can follow the growth of their trees in real-time through our timeline. You can use coordinates of Google Maps, Photos and Videos, and visit the LAND ART PARK. Your legacy is portrayed in an Eco-Artwork --our first park that leaves the GREEN MARK that the Pope’s Francis leaves in the Planet with his call to action.

In, we will keep you informed from the beginning to the end as a co-creator. We take pride in our project management and its transparency and encourage co-contributors to follow our progress and watch how your GREEN MARK becomes art while taking care of the planet. 





+Park Land Space

 Contribute to the space to create

 "THE LEGACY PARK"  (30 to 50 acres)



The businesses acquired the trees (1 to 10,000) to give to the community through a corporate campaign to promote ecological ethics or just sponsor each tree.

+Commitment: Less CO2  

Add your commitment to ecoethical habits, and be a co-creator to the first participatory ECO-ARTWORK. Contribute with your trees. You can plant them in the virtual park: choose the species, the location, add your name and message and watch them grow in a real park so you can visit them! 


Who can participate?




Everyone makes pollution!   Everyone can help stop it!

Everyone leaves a Mark in the Planet: Schools, universities, businesses, employers, employees, and any institution and individual. We are all part of the problem, why can’t we all be part of the solution? We are using crowdfunding to generate this project. We will do all the work; you just have to contribute. Your contribution is of critical importance to us as we seek to inspire mass participation. Today you have a huge opportunity to be one of the pioneers of this project that will care for our world through art and culture.


 How to participate?



The "GREEN ON GRAY Alliance" provides the interaction between government, private companies, and the greater community through participating in eco-art. Out of this interaction, the ENCYCLICAL CHANGE becomes action. This is the reason why we call on businesses and cities. This way they can contribute with they legacy and become GOG FOUNDERS.




Corporate participation


Provide TREES 1-10,000.




The corporations will be able to acquire trees to give to their clients and community, contributing to care of the environment. Businesses  acquire the trees to give to the community through a corporate campaign to promote ecological ethics or just to sponsor each tree.​

City Participation


Provide Land: 40-50 acres


The cities that ally with the GREEN on GRAY PROJECT will contribute to the space to create the parks. We are eager to know in which city the project start, and which cities will choose to have POPE FRANCIS’ ENCYCLICAL MARK forever embodied in their surface, forming an ecological heritage that will become worldwide news.
















Benefits of cities that provide the Park Land


  • ECO-ETHICAL EDUCATION CAMPAIGN generating awareness and commitment 

       to environmental actions to improve the quality of life.


  • Stimulates MORE GREEN SPACES. (Ecological benefits).


  • Generates ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS practices.



  • Optimize and improve sustainable development as ECO SMART CITIES.

  • Leadership and active participation of society by becoming co-creators 

      of the work of environmental art: reducing and compensating pollution through culture

  • Portrait in an ECO ARTWORK: leave our GREEN PRINT to endure over time to become ECOLOGICAL

     AND CULTURAL HERITAGE for our future generations.



Add a "Unique Mark"  to your city, Apply here:







 Community Participation 


    Provide the Commitment to Reduce Pollution.

The world needs your unique gift: your commitment and your participation. Isolated actions are useful, but can’t save the planet. However, united we will make a difference. We seek to shift the environmental issues within 10 years. The responsibility is not just from politicians or entrepreneurs or corporate heads; the responsibility is all of ours: to enhance the environment and preserve it for future generations.





















Special Participants


Landlords, Businesses, Universities, Foundations, Churches ... Do you want to have a Land ArtWork on your land? Do you want to contribute and make a mark that changes the world? Apply here:













Why participate?



  • With your participation, you will be a GREEN on GRAY USA FOUNDER; a project that is prized to expand globally.

  • Measure your pollution, and know your Gray Mark: carbon print (CO2). Reduce that pollution when you become a GREEN on GRAY member, and we will give you tips on how to change your habits so that we achieve big with little. 

  • Leave your GREEN MARK in art and on the planet. 

  • You will be a co-creator to the first participatory ECO-ARTWORK. Contribute with your trees. You can plant them in the virtual park, choose the species, the location, put your name and message to watch them grow in a real park so you can visit them! 

  • Collaborate to save our ecosystem.

  • We call this: compensating, reducing and awakening your surroundings! 




 Leave your GREEN MARK !




Be a part of the GREEN ON GRAY world that unites the global community in a creative artistic process, generating commitment, political pressure, and positive actions to mitigate climate crises and enhance our environment. 

We need your commitment and your contribution to initiate this change. Please consider being a founder and leave your Green Mark.





Just click HERE to view a printable PDF version of the pledge card. You can then fill it out and mail it, along with your check to 

Art For Evolution, Inc. 

PO Box 310513

Miami FL 33231


Donate online using our secure OnLine Platform:

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