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The main goal is to educate the community implementing 10 eco-ethical actions to which participants can commit for CO2 reduction. 

Your help can make possible our goal of achieving the promise of reducing 1 million tons of CO2.


Support our Challenge!



AFE’s mission is to develop the GOG PROJECT CENTER Eco LifeStyle into a premier regional environmentally friendly community resource. The GOG CENTER is dedicated to encouraging education and collaborative actions that reduce pollution and other negative consequences generated by excessive consumption, educating and helping consumers choose environmentally friendly options. Passionately committed to integrating environmental awareness, the GOG CENTER seeks:

- to develop AFE campaigns: "I Add My Commitment" to 1 Millon CO2 reduction  

- to help companies that offer eco-friendly services and products

- educate consumers to exercise their pocketbooks to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable and earth-friendly future

- to provide outdoor leisure and recreation, in an environmentally conscientious, unique cultural center, to the local community and world visitors









Spread the AFE Campaigns* to reach these goals: 


  • 1 million participants will commit to reducing pollution 

  • 1 million CO2 tons per year avoided

  • $250,000,000/year money will be saved with eco-ethic change in lifestyle.




- ECO ETHICAL: Everything in the process is as recycled/salvaged/eco-friendly as possible.

- SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: re-used shipping containers.

- GREEN ROOF: We promote the use of native plants. A vegetable garden on the roof offers many environmental benefits.

- BIODIVERSITY: creating different micro-habitats.

- SOLAR ENERGY EFFICIENT: Solar Power Modules -- the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available.

- ART: Each container will be painted by a previously selected artist.


Be Eco Art Gallery Benefactor

  • 1. Education Campaign generating awareness of, and commitment to, environmental actions to improve the quality of life

  • 2. Fostering Cultural Change 

  • 3. Recovering Green Spaces 

  • 4. Optimizing Sustainable Development

  • 5. Creating an Eco Smart Miami City

  • 6. Global Reach 

  • 7. Developing and promoting CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR)

  • 8. Stimulating Healthy "Green" Competition

  • 9. Empowering entire communities, leaving our Green Print to endure over time to become Ecological and Cultural Heritage for future generations

  • 10. APPLICATION FOR AWARDS, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL. A collaborative effort with high impact. Create innovative solutions to meet the challenges associated with sustainability. 

Eco Smart City



      Do your SMALL part

                        for BIG change.






Just click HERE to view a printable PDF version of the pledge card. You can then fill it out and mail it, along with your check to 

Art For Evolution, Inc. 

PO Box 310513

Miami FL 33231


Donate online using our secure OnLine Platform: