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The Art Projects, "GREEN ON GRAY" and "BLUE MARK" promotes environmental awareness, as well as actions toward mitigating climate change. We encourage education and collaborative actions that reduce pollution and other negative consequences generated by excessive consumption.

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ART FOR EVOLUTION, (A.F.E) is a nonprofit charitable organization founded by the ecological artist Analia Bordenave, in 2013 in Miami, FL, whose goal is to strengthen the community and the environment with Participatory Eco-Art. AFE uses "ecological art" and “participatory art” as tools to increase understanding and knowledge of environmental issues and solutions.



You might be surprised to learn how much your efforts can help.


The GREEN on GRAY Project suggests implementing 10 eco-ethical actions to which participants can commit for CO2 reduction. 

Your help can make possible our goal of achieving the promise of reducing 1 million tons of CO2.


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