November 14, 2017

Sugar is something that is regularly seen in coffee shops or in regular kitchens. It is something needed in order to give taste to the food or drinks. In a way, it has been like a need. This has been the regular sugar that we are talking about, the sugar that is coarse and fine, but how about the sugar in your blood?


Too much is sometimes bad, that’s a saying that most of us knew. And I believe it is true, We should always respect the word balance and treat it special. For some people, sugar is a big issue. It has been the a problem that is rising in the society nowadays that most people are ignoring.


Today is November 14, and each year, we have been celebrating the World Diabetes Day. But do you really know what is diabetes? It is not just having high sugar levels on your blood, diabetes has 2 types, the independent and non-independent diabetes mellitus and of course, there is the gestational diabetes for pregnant women. I am not gonna explain further what are the differences, I will leave it to google and you.


So how do you think your sugar level is?

Do you think it is normal or you aren’t sure?


This years theme for the world diabetes day is “Women and diabetes - our right to a healthy future,” which mainly focuses to women in general but of course it also concerns men and the rest of the world in reality.


Whether you are young, adult, pregnant or not, and elderly, the word diabetes is something not be taken for granted. We should remember that there is a juvenile onset, meaning it can happen an early age when it comes to this disease. Pregnant women are also not exempted to this since when you are pregnant, you can eat tons of ice cream, chocolates and more, so watch out for those sugary sugar pop mommy preggy. As adult and elderly, since this disease doesn’t exempt anybody, making sure to stay fit and healthy is something to consider.


So how are we going to celebrate the world diabetes day?


Be an advocate: There are so many people who are suffering from diabetes and having their limbs being cut or suffering from a lot of restrictions in their diet which is not something nice, so be an advocate to raise awareness and be part of the program and help the people suffering from diabetes to have some hope and recover.


Run: Usually, during diabetes day, there will be a run or walk marathon, a program and more. Be part of it and attend the activities to help spread the importance of healthy living, balance and to raise awareness as well. For every step you make can give a whole lot of difference to the world.


Signs: If you can post a sign, change your Facebook profile picture using the logo of world diabetes day, then do so. Posting it for a day will not kill nor bite you, instead, you are showing the world how important this act is and your reasons for supporting it.


Support charities and organizations: There are so many organizations in the world that are supporting people who have the disease, giving them proper education, needles for their insulin and so on. So if you have the heart that gives, the generosity and kindness, kindly deposit your donations or support in any of the agencies worldwide doing this.


Diabetes is not something we should blame to sugar, because it is actually us doing the consumption. We should always remember that we need to have balance in life and by saying this means we should always be aware that we should watch our intake and make sure we keep the word moderation in mind.


There’s nothing bad if we want to treat ourselves with something sweet, but we should always be responsible on how to do it.


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More about the author: RHEA FANTONE-SCHUSTER



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