ART FOR EVOLUTION, (A.F.E ) is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2013 in Miami, Florida, by the ecological artist  

Analia Bordenave,  to raise awareness of our habits that negatively impact the planet and shift those toward creating a positive and lasting Green mark on the planet.

AFE Mission: Art For Evolution's mission is to strengthen the community and the environment with Participatory Eco Art.

We invite you to be part of our Brand Awareness Campaigns. We have one goal: to raise awareness and visibility of your brand. With your support we plan to achieve:











10,000 +







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 We Offer     

  • Commitment to environmental ethics and social participation.

  • Marketing in response to ‘environmental needs’

  • To be part of the effort to keep our environment safer and greener

  • Concentrate culture, art, responsible consumption, ecological awareness, and leisure centered on eco-friendliness.

  • Implement a global campaign: eco-ethical commitment to reduce 1,000,000 co2 ton. per year.



 About our Organization               

Art For Evolution's vision is to preserve our environment by compensating the impact of human activity through Participatory Art.

Art For Evolution uses "ecological art" and "participatory art" as tools to increase understanding and knowledge of environmental issues and solutions.

Art For Evolution provides education about solutions to environmental problems and provides safe alternatives to threats to the environment through the 1st project: GREEN on GRAY (G.O.G.)




  • Environmentally conscious consumers

  • Committed to going green

  • Dedicated to social responsibility

  • Eager to learn new ways to help the environment

  • Aware of the impact that small lifestyle changes can have on the environment

  • Based on behavior and dedication to going green, not necessarily age 

 Topics They Love 

When U.S. consumers are aware that a company is environmentally -- and socially-- conscious, 58% of them are more likely to try that company's products or services, and 53% are more likely to become repeat customers.

Even one-third of consumers care more about a product's impact on the environment than its price.

Upward trends like these are certainly encouraging to sustainable companies attempting to capture, and profit from, the U.S. market.


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