What is a GREEN MARK?

It's an instrument of negotiation  which represents a unit change in real money value. 

Each green mark is issued by Art for evolution.

Allows personal ways of measure, reducing and compensate emissions caused by global warming and greenhouse effect gases.


What's its goal?

The green marks will became an international way to neutralize pollution.

As a good and with a market price allows the fund of green on gray global actions.


How to achieve?

1. Measure:

Through the green on gray calculator every participant will be able to know and measure the amount of CO2 that that their activities generate. 

2. Reduce:

Taking awareness of their own pollution and responsibility, each participant provides there GOG commitment to reduce CO2 emissions in there daily living.

3. Compensate:

At last, provides the necessary amounts of green marks to neutralize there pollution adding plants and trees in Tribute to individuality ecoart work.


Which are the main characteristics?

Nontransferable: The owner of the GMs cannot sell or trade them. (except the Pre-order Bonus GMs)

Exclusive: Until now it has not be consider the possibility that there are two or more owners of the same GMs

Renewable: GMs can be renew each year to fulfill it's purpose of neutralize the owner's pollution.


Who can get them?


As it is a willfully massive tool for neutralize pollution.

The member of the alliance are: society, cities, companies and stores. Schools, institutions.


As part of there RSE program, companies could purchase for there empoyees and the community  GMs through ad campaigns in there G-Day encouraging sustainable development practices


How they are marketed?

GMs Instant acquisition (spot sales): Through a direct and instant sales agreement by a GOG alliance in a period of time.


GMs Future acquisition: Future trading contracts. (pre-order bonus green on gray)

Exclusivity agreement of GMs for a GOG alliance.


What's there value?

50 u$s



community membership green marks neutralize your city



external platforms

which one will give better results?


vertical ecosystems:

each GREEN MARK provided voluntarily to mitigate pollution is it is represented by a plant in the exclusive botanical canvas of AB.

The artist AB captures each GM in the eco participatory art work. 


Finally, to compensate carbon emissions, GMs offer the possibility to provide trees in the LAND ART by AB, that will became a public park.


environmental and cultural heritage for our future generations


Natural ecosystems play an omportant role in climate change, because through photosynthesis plants absorb CO2 and with the help of solar energy, water and nutrients from soil, transform it in organic matter.

that's the way they are carbon collectors. 


  • Start your course in joining hands and making a step further for sustainable earth by placing an order for planting trees giving details in the form available regarding the number of plants required to be planted, where, and for what occasion, and on which date along with your name, email address etc. 

  • Fill in the details of the person(s) you wish to honor along with his name, email address etc., and the date(s) on which you want to gift him/her/them with the customized e-certificate(s).

  • The payment can then be executed as per the specifications of the ‘to-be-planted’ trees.

  • Order Communicated to the field staff or field planting partner

  • Saplings are raised in the well-maintained nursery.

  • The plantation procedure is then performed in the suitable plantation season when those saplings are planted in the preselected projects.

  • After being through with the plantation procedure, the customer gets an email regarding his/her trees being planted in the selected project. Along with that, photos and videos are also posted on various social media pages and shared with the customer.

  • Verification of plantation is then inspected by the auditors looking after the credibility and authenticity of the plantation activity.






Sponsorship Compensating Their Contamination


Those interested in SPONSORSHIP (Corporations, companies, cities, etc.) participate in the GREEN on GRAY PROGRAM:

-Measure their CO2 emissions

-Adopt "GOG Commitment" to reduce them

-Then compensate their pollution acquiring the necessary GREEN MARKS.


Sponsorship Alliance GREEN ON GRAY

Corporate Sponsorships: There are a lot of opportunities for corporations to support us. In fact, most of our funds come from partnerships with great brands. Let's run a campaign together or throw an event together or do some other awesome thing together.








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