The main goal is to educate the community implementing 10 eco-ethical actions to which participants can commit for CO2 reduction. 

Your help can make possible our goal of achieving the promise of reducing 1 million tons of CO2.


Support our campaign!





1.0 Executive Summary.


The purpose of this proposal is the development of a GOG CENTER Eco Life Mall (77 unit retail created with recycled shipping containers), an initiative of Art For Evolution, a Miami-based nonprofit organization founded by Analia Bordenave.
The principal GOG CENTER Eco Life Mall's goal is the development of ART FOR EVOLUTION's mission: to provide education about solutions to environmental problems and safe alternatives to threats to the environment.


1.1 Services and Campaigns


The primary revenue center for the GREEN on GRAY Project is developing the GOG CENTER Eco Life Mall with the intent to rent the properties to retail stores, highlighted by green innovation, cultural contribution, fashion, food, and more as a source for generating globally eco-conscious consumers: onsite healthy dining options, rooftop terraces for private events, and year-round special events and custom content including concerts, performances, DJs, Yoga and Spring/Summer activities as community-based events.

The principal goal is the development of GREEN on GRAY Project Campaigns: Alliance with the Planet; Green Renaissance; Zero CO2 Events. 100% of the funds from the Green Campaigns is committed to trees and plants which become the Eco Participatory Land Art Parks.



1.2 The requirement: urban space




































Property Address

888 MACARTHUR CSWY Miami, FL  33132-0000


or similar


  • 10 / 12 months

495 FT


    GOG CENTER 275 FT X 495 FT

    275 FT 


1.3 Mission Statement


AFE’s mission is to develop the GOG PROJECT CENTER Eco Life Mall into a premier regional environmentally friendly community resource. The GOG CENTER is dedicated to encouraging education and collaborative actions that reduce pollution and other negative consequences generated by excessive consumption, educating and helping consumers choose environmentally friendly options. Passionately committed to integrating environmental awareness, the GOG CENTER seeks:

- to develop AFE campaigns: "I Add My Commitment", "G Day", "I´m Green on Gray" (Our innovative real-time counter indicates the number of participants, CO2, and money saved as a result of AFE activities: Eco Art Performance, G-mobile, Eco Events)  

- to help companies that offer eco-friendly services and products

- educate consumers to exercise their pocketbooks to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable and earth-friendly future

- to provide outdoor leisure and recreation, in an environmentally conscientious, unique cultural center, to the local community and world visitors



1.4 Management Team


Art For Evolution will select and hire the ideal management team, Upsilon Ventures, to bring the operations of the GOG CENTER to profitability within its first year of operations.

The portfolio of the company includes:

  • Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

  • Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

  • Celsius at Bryant Park

  • LeFrak Center Lakeside

  • Westfield World Trade

  • GRAMMY Park™

  • Big Apple Barbecue Block Party


Management of the GOG CENTER will include:

• Facilities planning, development, and operations

• Sponsorship sales and marketing platform activations

• Management consultancy services

• Creative and production services

• Back-of-house support including logistics, staffing, transportation

• Special events planning and execution

• Securing public spaces for activations and PR/media events



1.5 Sales Forecasts


Art for Evolution expects a strong rate of growth at the start of operations.

-12-month tenants

-GREEN on GRAY Container sales

These benefits will be used to implement the initiative in other cities in the USA.


1.6 Expansion Plan


Art for Evolution expects that the business will aggressively expand to other cities, implementing marketing campaigns that will effectively target individuals and green organizations and businesses within the target market.






365 DAYS OF            MIAMI 2017


1.7 Tourist & Local Attraction:


  • Contribute to government revenues. Direct contributions are generated by taxes on incomes from tourism employment and tourism businesses, and by direct levies on tourists such as departure taxes

  • Provide employment

  • Stimulate infrastructure investment

  • Contribute to local economies

  • Provide foreign exchange earnings

  • Care for the planet: Use GOG CENTER as a global mass medium to awaken social conscience 

1.8 City of Miami: ECO SMART CITY





Spread the campaign to reach these goals: 


  • 1 million participants will commit to reducing pollution 

  • 1 million CO2 tons per year avoided

  • $250,000,000/year money will be saved with eco-ethic change in lifestyle.




How?  Our web platform allows us to add millions worldwide to our mission. In, use our CO2 Calculator to measure your carbon emissions with just five simple questions. Then we offer you ten eco-ethic changes in your everyday life to add your contribution in this fight to reduce at least 1 ton of emissions per participant! (GOG COMMITMENT) Using our platform, all of our advances, accomplished goals and artwork evolutions can be checked in real time. Also, there is a counter that shows the number of GREEN people who have joined our cause; the total volume of reduced CO2 units; and the money saved in GREEN on GRAY Project.





Organization & Financing Summary





2.1  Corporate Structure


Art for Evolution Inc. Not for Profit Organization, is registered as a 501(3)(c) corporation in Miami, Florida.



2.2 Required Land

























2.3 Management Equity





These benefits will be used to implement the initiative in other cities in the USA and around the world.


When we started Art for Evolution, we made a bold promise to the general public that 100% of the donations would go directly to the field to fund GREEN on GRAY projects, through our GREEN MARK PROGRAM (neutralizing the impact of pollution, each GREEN MARK becomes a tree or plant in our Participatory Eco Art Work of GREEN on GRAY Alliances with the Planet). We'd find another way to cover our operating expenses: our ECO MARK PROGRAM. We depend on private donors, foundations and sponsors to cover everything from staff salaries to basic office systems, to office rent and supplies. These donors are some of our most significant the investment in these initiatives fuels our long-term mission, our ability to develop as an organization, and our mission to continue using 100% of public donations for GREEN projects.

Our goal for the program using a 100% GREEN MODEL is ambitious. To support our growth, we bring together a like-minded community of business people and philanthropists to fund our operating budget on a regular basis. The ECO MARK PROGRAM is a program where donors give a set amount to our operating costs each year.

Their support paves the way for us to continue doing what many said was impossible: develop the organization using our 100% GREEN MODEL, and give a better planet to future generations.







 Strategic and Market Analysis




4.1 Economic Outlook


Currently, the economic market condition in the United States is in recession. This slowdown in the economy has also greatly impacted real estate sales, which has halted to historical lows. Many economists expect that this recession will continue until mid-2009, at which point the economy will begin a prolonged recovery period.

The modern world has led consumers to become increasingly concerned about the environment. Such concerns have begun to be displayed in their purchasing patterns, with consumers increasingly preferring to buy so-called ‘environmentally friendly products’. Marketing managers have in turn recognized the strategic importance of marketing in response to the ‘environmental needs’ of consumers due to the influence this may have on their consumption habits. The growing number of organizations entering the green product market also indicates the need for suitable segmentation and positioning strategies.



4.2 Industry Analysis


Shopping has a great impact on the environment.

Buying "eco-friendly" has been demonstrated to have a smaller negative environmental footprint.

Conscious consumers can find the natural and organic products they desire at the GOG CENTER. "Green" has become mainstream. The National Marketing Institute estimates that consumers with environmental concerns represent more than $230 billion in spending power.

Shopping with the planet in mind can make a big impact in many ways. Collectively, we can reward environmentally responsible practices, discourage waste, help close the recycling loop and reduce the amount of toxic materials entering our ecosystems.

Buying products and services that don't harm the environment is one of the most powerful choices a consumer can make to help reduce our environmental footprint. Organic, natural products promote the health and wellness of our body and world.


Environmentally preferable products are generally:

• Less toxic

• Minimally polluting

• More energy efficient

• Safer and healthier for humans and the environment

• Higher in recycled content

• Packed in less packaging material


We are proud to be part of the effort to keep our environment safer and greener.



4.3 Customer Profile


Individuals with greater training and higher educational levels tend to seek more information regarding environmental issues and are expected to display greater concern, acting more frequently in favor of protecting the environment.

The most responsive age group tends to be young adults. They tend to be action oriented and untethered from old habits. In addition, women are a key target for greener products and often make purchases on behalf of men.

The best "green" customers are people with more money to spend. As a result, the most promising products for "greening" tend to be at the higher end of the market. The most promising outlets for green products are retail stores frequented by more affluent shoppers.

In general, green consumers have the education and intellectual orientation to seek and absorb evidence that is presented in support of environmental claims.

In the US, children and teens are generally more concerned than adults about the environment and are more knowledgeable about green alternatives. Increasingly, they influence their parents' purchasing decisions. Equally importantly, millions of them will reach adulthood in the next decade and gain purchasing power of their own.


4.4 Competitive Analysis


It is extremely difficult to categorize competition among charities as each organization is competing for the same contributions from corporations, individuals, and grants from government agencies. Among the 10,000 charitable organizations in the United States, all are in competition for the same influx of capital. There are several organizations that serve to help people in need. As such, Management does not feel that the Not for Profit Organization is in competition with any other charitable organization that seeks to provide for needy people. All charities are all essentially pursuing the same goal.



This project is a world premiere. Currently, there is no comparable proposal to concentrate culture, art, responsible consumption, ecological awareness, and leisure centered on eco-friendliness. For demographic comparison excluding environmentally conscientious factors, we can cite the example of Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park:

-Over 4 million visitors to the Winter Village each season

-125 independent holiday shops housed in glass-enclosed, custom-designed kiosks

-200+ events including annual tree lighting, brand activations, product launches, media/film shoots

-Group outings, special events

-Free admission

-Ranked annually as a New York City must-see destination.

In 2007, the market, which opened for six weeks, had 300 applications for the 100 or so booths, which cost from $9,000 to $40,000 to rent. Vendors which generally sell high-end crafts, jewelry and clothing now do an average of $60,000 to $70,000 in sales, with a handful breaking $100,000. The top vendor clears $300,000 in merchandise during the period.




 Marketing Plan






GOG CENTER intends to maintain an extensive marketing campaign that will ensure maximum visibility. Below is an overview of the marketing strategies and objectives of the initiative.


5.1 Marketing Objectives



- Implement GOG CENTER to generate impact out of awareness across cities, businesses, and communities to care for the planet. To educate, inform, persuade, and entertain our intended audience. To mobilize people to support our cause. To popularize our awareness slogans and messages.

- Implement a global campaign: eco-ethical commitment to reduce 1,000,000 co2 tons per year.

- Develop an online presence to expand the initiative in other cities.



5.2 Marketing Strategies



- Create website

- Social Media: Throughout the Awareness Campaign, we will continuously communicate and share information of our events through different social media platforms. This includes, but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will make mention and post regular updates of the respective partner. This includes links to the website and the Facebook page of the partner.

- Video Blog: A 5-minute video can communicate through more than 100 photos more efficiently than a thousand-word article. We will upload a total of ten video clips each month to keep our followers up to date with our experience. This will include video footage we recorded at places of interest, but also discussion sessions we had with people we’ve met. At the end of each video clip we will have a rundown of our sponsors’ partners. 

- Live streaming: We will Periscope our activities to all of our followers and those connecting due to the point of interest.  Mention will be made of our partners throughout.

- Marketing Materials: (flyers, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets & newsletters):

  • To educate, inform, persuade, and entertain our intended audience

  • To mobilize people to support our cause

  • To advertise our tour, meetings and specific event

  • To popularize our awareness slogans and messages

G Mobile Campaign


Create the first G Mobile bus to tour in the city and main events to spread Art For Evolution’s green message.

Support part of the Eco Mark Program (We use 100% of public donations for green projects); G Mobile advertising generates total sales revenue to cover the “I’m Green on Gray” program's operating costs.

-Circulating in the busiest areas of major metropolitan cities, "G MOBILE" advertising offers:

-Moving throughout major and secondary arteries and the busiest streets in major cities

-Seen by pedestrians and vehicular traffic from multiple directions, simultaneously

-Target specific demographics based on route, and deliver exposure where other out-of-home advertising may be prohibited

Living plants: a variety of sizes. Such high-impact formats to reach the audience, and wraps and embellishments make the ad stand out










 Services and Campaigns






Below is a description of the services offered by the GOG CENTER Eco Life Mall.


3.1 GoG Containers Characteristics


- ECO ETHICAL: Everything in the process is as recycled/salvaged/eco-friendly as possible.

- SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: re-used shipping containers.

- GREEN ROOF: We promote the use of native plants. A vegetable garden on the roof offers many environmental benefits.

- BIODIVERSITY: creating different micro-habitats.

- SOLAR ENERGY EFFICIENT: Solar Power Modules -- the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available.

- ART: Each container will be painted by a previously selected artist.

































3.2 A.F.E Campaigns


Art For Evolution’s signature GREEN On GRAY Project is designed to allow participants to use a CO2 calculator to measure their Gray Mark (pollution) in order to be aware of habits and practices to then reduce pollution. To compensate for pollution, AFE provides Green Marks for participants to purchase, which neutralize their pollution by adding plants and trees for the Land Art Parks and Eco Artwork

100% of the funds from the Green Campaigns (Alliance with the Planet; Green Renaissance; Zero CO2 Events) is committed to trees and plants which become


On our website, we suggest implementing 10 eco-ethical actions to which participants can commit. Participants will be able to see the number of participants, amount of CO2 saved, as well as money saved as a result of taking these actions. Participants can then compensate for pollution by adding trees to be planted.

Businesses promote broad participation, advertising CSR activities and giving GREEN MARKS for the "G DAY" or "G WEEK." Green Marks, equivalent to trees, are added to the Land Art Park. Businesses then provide the maintenance thereof, as part of its commitment to environmental ethics and social participation.

The city promotes the campaign of education and citizen participation. The purpose is to educate and coordinate efforts for citizens to implement small actions to protect the environment and create more pleasant and sustainable spaces in the city. Special events will be planned for citizen participation.

 "Art that requires human interaction with nature to be completed."
"Art that invites people to take action and stop being a passive spectator of urbanization."

"Art that belongs to people and nature joining forces to achieve a mutual benefit."

Leave your GREEN MARK on the world

Eco Art Performance


The performance, entitled “LEAVE YOUR GREEN MARK ON THE WORLD,” by the ecological artist Analia Bordenave, includes members of the audience who participate and interact with the performers, the "G TEAM": 7 diverse groups representing the 7 continents who will tour the city and events in the exclusive "G MOBILE" to GOG CENTER.

Members of the public who choose to participate and contribute will dip their thumbs in green paint and then physically leave their thumbprint, or “Green Mark,” on their chosen model's body. The model's physique, now stamped with dozens of thumbprints, will then be part of an “art intervention," representing the mark that humans leave on planet Earth. The performance will be documented with photographs and video footage that will become part of the artwork. 







Organizational Plan & Personnel Summary





6.1 Corporate Organization







6.2 Organizational Budget






6.3 Management Biographies





In response to the devastation of the planet, I decided to get out of my art studio, set aside canvas, acrylic, other traditional materials and take the elements of nature to make art. 





Be Eco Art Gallery Benefactor

As with every new initiative, we need investors who are aware of the problem and are capable of supporting our working model. We are looking for creative solutions to environmental challenges. We are a nonprofit organization and can’t offer stock options, so the investment return is measured by the quantity of people we engage and the pride in generating awareness and positive action to preserve the planet.

We are seeking our BENEFACTOR, who will be mentioned and remembered all the time with an advantageous place in every one of our actions.

You could leave YOUR MARK ON THE WORLD by being our BENEFACTOR.

We would feel honored by your support and grateful for your faith in our mission.

Help us start the awareness campaign, "I'm GREEN on GRAY," and enjoy the visibility of being our benefactor on our website and receive a plaque of appreciation.


GREEN on GRAY PROJECT CENTER Eco Life Mall $1,100,000

• Capital to purchase a marketing vehicle: G MOBILE. $300,000

. Capital to the development of Eco Art Performance. $100,000


Total Start Up Requirements $1,500,000



      Do your SMALL part

                        for BIG change.



City Benefits



  • 1. Education Campaign generating awareness of, and commitment to, environmental actions to improve the quality of life

  • 2. Fostering Cultural Change 

  • 3. Recovering Green Spaces 

  • 4. Optimizing Sustainable Development

  • 5. Creating an Eco Smart Miami City

  • 6. Global Reach 

  • 7. Developing and promoting CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR)

  • 8. Stimulating Healthy "Green" Competition

  • 9. Empowering entire communities, leaving our Green Print to endure over time to become Ecological and Cultural Heritage for future generations

  • 10. APPLICATION FOR AWARDS, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL. Collaborative effort with high impact. Create innovative solutions to meet the challenges associated with sustainability. 



Contact Phone: 1-305-979-1693

More info: 

Eco Smart City

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