The gifts allow us to communicate a positive message of care and environmental compromise. In our G POINT store you will find products and that relate with the reduction of ecological damage that our consumption generates in the environment


Every GREEN on GRAY Gift that we have is proud to fulfill these 4 topics:

-Hight Quality

-Artistic Design

-Respect for the environment

-Responsible and ethic consumption.













The Gift Point's main purpose is to raise funds for the massive AWARENESS CAMPAIGN "I'm GREEN ON GRAY" developed by Art For Evolution nonprofit organization to generate eco ethics behavior in the community so each one brings a sensitive message about a problem that we can solve together.
EVERY GREEN GIFT  helps to take conscience to care our ecosystem in the Planet.
Dedicate an Inspired Gift to you or the someone special in your life and send a real, original gift, and leave your "GREEN MARK on the world."


Each "Gift Point" is an opportunity to show interest and commitment to care for the planet's natural resources and start a business "green" with infinite potential, using our KnowHow, our original products, our social media platforms and our strong networking, with hundreds of thousands of followers with consciousness green.

Gym Club
Shopping Mall
Hotel Lobbies

Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Gym Clubs, Shopping Malls, Stores, Lobby Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Banks, City Events, etc, are called to place an elegant glass case full of green gifts and being part of the awareness campaign "I'm Green on Gray"


1.1 Objectives


  • Corporate Social Responsibility. Involving private companies is the key of this campaign. Making environmental awareness events for the community to contribute with their GREEN MARK.

  • Create a directory of  "G. POINT" in the City, shops, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Clubs, Shopping Mall, Stores, Hotel lobby, Restaurants, Schools, Banks

  • Events can be campaigne's protagonist to spread the green message, as Art For Evolution´s partners.

  • Part of the ECO MARK PROGRAM, (created  to allow workforce development organization to expand efforts using our "100% GREEN MODEL".  We use 100% of public donations  for GREEN  projects), each G POINT Generate total sales revenue to cover "I'm GREEN on GRAY" program's opperative costs.

  • Implement e-commerce capabilities to existing eco shop website in year one.

  • Establish an annual growth rate of approximately 20% in year three.

  • Maintain a direct cost of sales of 45% or less.

  • Establish 50% of our merchandise as proprietary products in year two.

  • Establish our company as a premier "Eco Brand Recognized" name throughout the community in year one.



1.2 Mission



"I´m GREEN on GRAY" was created for Art for Evolution Nonprofit Organization to integrate the society in environmental practices to make society take care of the planet being our pride and part of the culture. The campaigne improves sustainable efficiency and optimizes community and urban spaces through a green message: dynamic interaction promoting social, cultural and sustainable development of ECO SMART CITIES.

It’s time for a change. If we all join our forces, adding good habits, we can give our GREEN MARK for the future of our planet.

We propose participation of the community in this change, that’s why we create a G point for massive diffusion.


"G POINT" is a specialty  green gifts awareness campaigne that specializes in "one-of-a-kind" merchandise not commonly found in the larger retail market. We are dedicated to providing customers exceptional customer service in a visibly relaxing and engaging shopping environment. Our mission is to provide customers with unique, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices to generate GREEN MAINDS and SUSTENTABLE LIFE STYLE.



1.3 Keys to Success


  • Massive Campaigne

  • Acquire and personally design a product line of "one-of-kind" handcrafted and unique products: GREEN GIFT

  • Provide customized products and services that are "tailor-made" to each customer's personal style.

  • Establish a loyal customer following by offering seasonal promotions / discounts, distributing direct mail postcards, offering quality merchandise at affordable prices, and providing a visibly inviting and comfortable shopping environment.

  • Establish a "Green Brand Identity" that personifies high-quality, gift giving merchandise and outstanding customer service.


Organization Summary





ART FOR EVOLUTION, (A.F.E ) is a non profit charitable organization born in 2013 in Miami, EEUU whose goal is preserving our environment by compensating the impact of human activity on our planet through Participatory Art. 
To promote understanding about environmental hazards and innovative policy approaches to these threats, ART FOR EVOLUTION uses “participatory art” as a tool to increase understanding and knowledge of environmental issues and solutions. 


2.1 Designer: Ecological Artist




In response to the devastation of the planet I decided to get out of my art studio, set aside canvas, acrylic, others traditional materials and take the elements of nature to make art. 

Aware that human consumption is already greater than the capacity of nature to renew these resources. Those responsible for this situation - the society, companies and urban - follow so no spaces can adapt with speed to changes that themselves generate in its ecosystem.



2.2 Start-up Summary


These figures are based on monthly and start-up expenses needed to open and functionally operate the gift store. The capital needed will come from donations.


Start-Up Requiements.


Start-up Expenses


Brand Design                                                        $  9,600

Advertising                                                           $  3,000

Delivery Costs                                                       $    300

Utilities and Internet                                              $    375

Insurance                                                              $    885

Legal                                                                    $    180

Computer/Printing Equipment/Software                   $ 4,000

Paper Print                                                            $ 5,700

Office Supplies                                                       $   400

Professional Fees                                                   $    160

Licenses and Permits                                              $   200

Security Deposits                                                   $ 2,000

Grand Opening Ads and Promos                               $  1,500




Start-up Assets


Cash Required                 $   800

Start-up Inventory           $ 5,000

Other Current Assets        $ 4,000

Long-term Assets            $ 2,000


   TOTAL ASSETS   $ 11,800


                            Total Requirements $ 40,100    




Eco Awarness Products 




Art For Evolution offers in each "G POINT" an ecclectic ensemble of specialty  gifts, and home accents designed to fit the client's personal green lifestyle. Our specialty shop also incorporates a masive awarenesscampaigne as well as exclusive proprietary products. We have assembled an array of local and national vendors along with skillful craftsmen and business entrepreneurs who will showcase a unique product line that will embody G POINT's image of a "Modern & Urban GREEN Lifestyle."


3.1 Product Description



All our gifts have an exclusive artist designed.The following is an overview of our product line by category:




BASIC SET. For nature Lovers: Customized grass jewelry  

Our offering of personalizing a client's favorite garment to reflect a special occasion or individual style will surely enhance their wardrobe. Price-points in this category range from $10 - $25.
Artificial Grass Rings
Eco Necklace 
Eco frendly bracelets
A natural, beautiful gift for him or her!




Promotional materials:
We use graphic imagery to create a personal style. Price-points in this category range from $20 - $30.
Sweat shirts





SPECIALTY SET. Home Accessories: 
Our product line of home accessories is a collection of modern accents that customers can certainly connect with.

Price-points in this category range from $25 - $50.
Tabletop Accents: Coffee mugs, place mats, platters and coasters




SPECIALTY SET. Eco Friend Pet Products:
This trendy category will be very popular with potential customers and convenient for 80% of residential tenants in the complex who own a pet. Price-points in this category range from $25 - $50.
Overnight traveling bags
Name tags




LUXE SET. Original Gifts: 
This gift giving merchandise line will allow customers to express their personal sentiments for special occasions and the gift recipient.

Price-points in this category range from $50 - $100.




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G point pet
G point pet

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dog bed.PNG
dog bed.PNG

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G point pet
G point pet

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3.2 Pricing


Product pricing structures will be based on cost-plus and competitive pricing. Every Green GIFT helps to take counsciens to care our ecosystem in the Planet.

Basic SET : from $10 - $30.

Specialty SET : from $30 - $50.

Luxe SET : from $50 - $100.


Brand Image:

Exclusive artist designed.

Seeds Paper to Labels & Eco Packaging: The main purpose is to raise eco ethic awareness in society, so each one brings a sensitive message about a problem that we can solve together.

EVERY GIFT  helps to care our ecosystem in the Planet.

Green Marketing Analysis




Sustainability, the Green Industry in 2015, and You.

Going green is becoming increasingly attractive as a business strategy. As headlines scream of pollution and dwindling natural resources, green industry practices not only enjoy benevolent public sentiment and the psychic income of a lower carbon footprint, but increased cost savings, supportive government policies, and ever-increasing profitability as well. Trends in consumption, government policy, and costs all point towards even more green industry business opportunities in the years ahead.


What Does the Green Industry do?

The green industry focuses on making a profit while having a negligible (or even a beneficial) impact on the environment. Leaders make sustainability a key consideration in decision-making throughout the organization as they work to minimize both use and production of harmful chemicals, excess materials, and waste byproducts in the delivery of their goods and services. Recognizing the importance of our planet’s dwindling natural resources, the green industry seeks to meet the demands of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.


Interesting Green Industry Business Trends.

In our increasingly connected world, consumers are becoming better educated about the dangers of a growing population competing over rapidly depleting natural resources, and many are looking for ways to lessen their impact on our environment.

Though the scientific cause and effect of many environmental issues remains debated by some, what is undeniable is a growing consumer interest in environmentally friendly business practices and products. A poll conducted by Time Magazine found that almost 50% of Americans valued environmental protection over economic growth, more than 60% had purchased organic produce within the previous year, and nearly 40% made purchases based on the social or political values of the producing company; even more striking is that this survey measured sentiment after the economic crisis had struck. Organic food consumption is still a very small part of the food market, but the segment is growing at an estimated 20% annually: from a $23 billion market in 2002, global organic food sales had more than doubled to $52 billion by 2008. Clearly, consumers care more now than ever about green industry and have the resources to find the products that meet their requirements.

And companies are noticing! From huge multinational companies and local businesses to the meaningful growth in green franchise opportunities, the green movement is in full swing and reaping benefits. And the trend is not driven by customer interest alone, as sustainable business practices help companies save money over time: PricewaterhouseCoopers indicates that companies reporting sustainability efforts have a greater return on assets than companies that do not. It may cost more to install solar panels but monthly savings on energy bills add up fast. Increasingly, businesses are looking to enhance their operating efficiency through sustainability efforts, and opportunities in the sector will continue to abound for years to come.


Green Marketing Opportunities: "G POINT"

With clear advantages in cost, karma and customer appreciation, green and sustainable business is growing. Governments at the local and national level are supporting environmentally friendly businesses with incentives while pushing industry standards on pollution and emissions ever higher. In this environment of growing public and private support, you can be part of an explosion of "G POINT" in the city.


4.1 Market Segmentation

"G POINT" target markets will consist of the following groups:
BABY BOOM GENERATION (age 35-59) is married with children; college educated; homeowner; tend to stay in their home rather than multi-family properties; household income $50,000-$75,000; and seeks spacious living.
AFFLUENT (age 30-45) are married; college educated; household income $100,000+; growing at a much faster rate than the total number of U.S. households; and currently represents more women and minorities than ever before.
GENERATION X (age 24-37) well educated; married and raising children; buying our first homes; climbing up the corporate or entrepreneurial ladder.
GENERATION Y (age 10-24) is more ethnically diverse and is experiencing tremendous growth in spending power. "They will have careers and enough disposable income to afford luxuries for themselves and our homes." 

Women are the primary consumers of G POINTproducts representing 60%. The growth rate of 6.0% is expencted to continue.



  • By market segments, G POINT's customer base is represented by the following:

33% Baby Boomers
26% Affluent
24% Generation X
17% Generation Y



  • By race, G POINT's market segments is represented by the following:

45% White
30% African American
10% Hispanic
5% Asian

10% Other
The total number of households from 2000 through 2005 was projected to increase at a 7.5% growth rate for our area.


Who is Gift POINT's customer?

Primarily FemaleEducatedHomeownerMiddle-to-upper class25-59 years of ageFavorites splurges are traveling and redecoratingEnjoys spending time with family and friendsFinds "word-of-mouth" and referrals from friends and colleagues extremely significant when making decisionsInfluenced by a brand and reputation of the product and its seller.



4.2 Competition 

We do not have Competition, it is a campaign of awareness, environmental conservation and proposes unique objects of art, which highlights with originality, making areas of uniqueness, and marketing "niche."



Management Summary




The following is a structural breakdown of responsibility and decision-making:


Art For Evolution, nonprofit organization. 


  • Eco Awareness Product Development.

  • General Product Selection.

  • Products Packaging & Display.

  • Brand Image.

  • Sales Prices.

  • Campaign Diffusion for Sales-Marketing.

  • Gift Point Directory Web Maintenance.

  • Promotions.

  • Advertising Merchandising.

  • Sales Personal Training Manual.

  • Gift Point Planning Hiring.

  • Donations Policies.

  • Reposition Shipping Delivery.

  • Accounting Customer Service.

  • Instalation Services (optional)

  • Customization Services. 

  • Insurance (optional)


Gift Point Owner


  • Instalation (optional)

  • Insurance (optional)

  • Local Sales

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Next Donations for reposition




6.1 Personnel Plan 


Gift Point Owners,  will initially manage the day-to-day operations of the each Gift Point. They employees quickly get the information necessary to convey the purpose of the awareness campaign and achieve sales.



Strategy and Implementation 




"G POINT" will develop effective marketing & sales strategies by focusing on the following key areas:

  • Prices

  • Promotions

  • Distribution channels

  • Customer relations

  • Products

These keys areas will reflect our existing and potential target market segments previously mentioned.



5.1 Competitive Edge


Customized Services — These "tailor-made" services offer the customer a personal connection to the product that he/she is purchasing. This type of service is not commonly offered in today's retail marketplace.


Handmade/Handcrafted Products — The handcrafted products will be designed by ANALIA BORDENAVE as well as outside artist.This will also broaden the our own product line.

Brand Identity — The GREEN products that we design will be distinguished from other products by brand labels. Our brand name merchandise makes up 50% of our present product line. Promoting "brand recognized" merchandise connects the customers to products that represent high-quality and dedicated customer service.



5.2 Marketing Strategy



Although "G POINT products are high-end and stylish, our pricing structure remains affordable and in-line with other specialty gift retailers. Our pricing structure is also based on the value the customers place on these products.



G POINT will offering special discounts, compared with  ECO SHOP ONLINE : 40-50% discounts


Existing customers as well as potential customers will be informed about new merchandise and savings utilizing the following marketing communications channels:

  • Email Postcards: Advertising postcards will be mailed  (NEWSLETTER)

  • Word-of-Mouth: Networking through friends, family, and business associates is an inexpensive and effective marketing tool which

"G POINT" utilizes to broaden our clientele base.

  • Social Media Campaign: big massive presence.

  • Local authorities contribute to the advertising campaign.





5.3 Sales Strategy



We include every Local joined the campaign with a link to website.



Establishing a rapport and connection with the customer directly effects a business' sales. The following methods will establish such a connection:

Ecological Awarness. Training and Customer Needs: we will emphasize the importance of the customer's needs and inform associates to be helpful and personable.
Suggestion/Comment: A suggestion/comment Email address will be available to customers This provides Art for Evolution with direct customer feedback concerning areas of improvement or enhancements.



How it works



The Gift POINT has 2 kits:
Starter kit (One Time acquisition) and Gifts kit (to replace and update according to the season).


7.1 Starter Kit 


Starter Kit

  • Gift Point Vitrine, Glass-door cabinet, white or black (optional light)

  • Products Display

  • Delivery Service


COST: $ 500.00 (Donation: TAX DEDUCTIBLE)



7.2 Gift Kits


Every GREEN on GRAY Gift that we have is proud to fulfill these 4 topics: Hight Quality, Artistic Design, Respect for the environment, Responsible and ethic consumption.


  • Option 1:

We recommend starting with "FULL GIFT KIT".

COST: $ 3,000 (Donation: TAX DEDUCTIBLE)

-Basic set:  90 gifts           
-Specialty Set:  40 gifts       
-Luxe Set:  20 gifts



  • Option 2:

Or you can get separate kit, in the following order:
1-Basic set:  90 gifts            $ 1,000 (Donation: TAX DEDUCTIBLE)
2-Specialty Set:  40 gifts       $ 1,000 (Donation: TAX DEDUCTIBLE)
3-Luxe Set:  20 gifts            $ 1,000 (Donation: TAX DEDUCTIBLE)



7.3 Installation


Installation is simple Art for Evolution provides installation service.

  • Instalation and Assembly Service: our professional, independent partners in your area, will assemble your Gift Point, ready to use in 3 hours.

  • Disposal of packaging in an environmentally friendly way. 


COST: $300.00



7.3 Reposition



Art for Evolution provides personalized service "Gift Set Reposition", arrived directly to your Gift Point.( Basic Set, Specialty Set or  Luxe Set) All Donation: TAX DEDUCTIBLE




Awarness Campaign Participation 




  • Starter kit: $  500


     -Product Displays


  • 1  Full Kit:  $3,000

150 green gift with Labels & Eco Packaging:

       -1 Basic set

       -1 Specialty Set
       -1 Luxe Set

  • Free Installation

  • Directory mention as "Member"

  • Link Website.

  • Plaque 



  • Starter kit: $  500


     -Product Displays


  • 2  Full Kit:  $6,000

300 green gift 

 with Labels & Eco Packaging 

       -2 Basic set

       -2 Specialty Set
       -2 Luxe Set

  • Free Installation

  • Directory mention as "Silver Member"

  • Link Website.

  • Plaque 




  • Starter kit: $  500


     -Product Displays


  • 3  Full Kit: $9,000

 450 green gift 

with Labels & Eco Packaging

       -3 Basic set

       -3 Specialty Set
       -3 Luxe Set

  • Free Installation

  • Directory mention as " Gold Member"

  • Link Website.

  • Plaque 




  • Starter kit: $  500


     -Product Displays


  • 4  Full Kit:  $12,000

600 green gift with 

Labels & Eco Packaging

       -4 Basic set

       -4 Specialty Set
       -4 Luxe Set

  • Free Installation

  • Directory mention as "Platinum Member"

  • Link Website.

  • Plaque 




  • Starter kit: $  500

     -YOUR LOGO in Vitrine

     -Product Displays


  • 4  Full Kit:  $12,000

600 green gift YOUR LOGO in Labels & Eco Packaging

       -4 Basic set

       -4 Specialty Set
       -4 Luxe Set

  • Free Installation

  • Directory mention with 

YOUR LOGO as "Honor Partner"

  • Link Website.

  • Plaque 

Be Part of The Awareness Campaign





Owners "Gift Point"  will be recognized with decals that identify him as a partner of the awareness campaign's partner and are honored with a plaque of appreciation.




   Be "Gift Point Benefactor"




Like every single start, we need investors that are aware of the problem and are capable of supporting our working model and bring a solution to this awful problem that is more and more alive throughout time. We are a non-profit organization and can’t offer stock options, so the investment return is measured by the quantity of people we change and the proud of generating awareness to preserve the planet.

We are finding our “BENEFACTOR” who will be mentioned and remembered all the time with an advantageous place in every single one of our actions.

You could leave" YOUR MARK ON THE WORLD" by being our BENEFACTOR.

We would feel honored to count with your support and grateful for your faith in our mission.

Help us to start the awareness campaign"I'm GREEN on GRAY". have visibility as our benefactor on our website and receive a plaque of appreciation.


Total Start Up Requirements $ 40,100    


You can mail us a check payable to Art For Evolution at:
17890 West Dixie HWY pH 918

North Miami Beach 33160


Call us to +1 3059791693


More info:



      Do your SMALL part

                        for BIG change.











+1 3059791693