200 Plants

A GREEN LABYRINTH. The installation “OUR GREEN MARK" by AB is composed by 200 plants that make 4300 ft2 to exhibit art pieces of ecological art from all times with our interactive application


Virtual Exhibition

Tribute and Virtual exhibitions of the best known ecological artist from all over the world with the use of a code specially created for the app. *Touch the image to see the artists.


Interactive Path

with VR+AR

More than spectators!  Interactive path with the app that allows the public to create their own pathway with VIRTUAL REALITY and AUGMENTED REALITY in art


Our Application

YOUR GREEN MARK APP allows every participant to:

  • Scan the code

  • See the art piece online

  • Give ❌o 💚

  • Save the likes ones

  • Open the artist’s website

  • Buy online

  • Contact the artist

Eco Participatory Art

Live Art creation and worldwide exhibition of the ecological artwork "LEAVE YOUR GREEN MARK", that plans to create the commitment to reduce 1Million tons of CO2 per year.




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"A unique proposal created by Analia Bordenave. "Your Green Mark", is a multi-dimensional installation a LABYRINTH created with 200 plants and 4300 ft2. Since it grows both in reality and virtually, the piece lives simultaneously in two different planes, being appreciable and enjoyable with all senses. A tribute to the Ecological Artists from around the globe, the spectators interact with the art piece in their unique way with virtual reality and augmented reality in an exclusive application to create their own path and to count their own story  ”.

At the end of "GREEN on GRAY- Paradise Eco-Art Festival 2018 ", the ecological installation will be moved to a public access point in Miami Beach. The eco-artwork will be the living GREEN MARK that the festival left in the city, with the aim of generating more awareness every day.






Leave your Green MARK

Add your GoG Commitment

Participatory Artwork

Change the World with art

We offer participants 10 eco-ethical changes to implement in their day to day and reduce at least 1 ton of emissions per year. This commitment reduces their environmental impact switching a gray mark (pollution) into a GREEN MARK. Be part of the

1 Million GOG Challenge

Once the participants accepted the GoG Commitment, they use one of their thumbs, painted with green ink, to leave a physical mark on the art piece and on a participation certificate. Both with a unique PIN number that allows them to identify their unique GREEN MARK in the finished artwork.

Be a co-author!

Each participant gives an email and takes a picture with the green thumb, for the artistic documentation of the commitment to "Leave a GREEN MARK on the planet" with the Participatory Eco Artwork: 

"Tribute to your Individuality"

“Your GREEN MARK becomes an international masterpiece that assembles all those who leave a mark to contributes with their unique gift -their Individuality- to create a better world.”

Analia Bordenave



Our DJs use their craft and cultural influence to raise awareness and provoke a response to the global challenge of Climate Change. 


We start a social mobilization using the power of the music to amplify the role to protect our planet´s future. We remix the climate message to engage and inspire.






Healthy, delicious, and fun! Our art vegan proposal has a knack for turning vegan staples into edible works of art. 

Each fun and original drink has a tag that reveals a secret: “why be vegan for the planet”

Why with food?

No exaggeration. Veganism can save the world. In a nutshell, we are extracting natural resources at a pace that is much faster than those resources are capable of replenishing themselves.

What’s even worse?

We’re literally eating ourselves into extinction. That pretty much sums up our current predicament. But maybe you need some hard-hitting facts to be convinced? Here you go: 23 percent of the world’s freshwater goes to animal agriculture system, while nearly 700 million people suffer from water scarcity, and 40 percent of the world’s grain is fed to farm animals, while nearly a billion people go to bed hungry every night. If we continue relying on this farming system to produce meat, dairy, and eggs that can feed the world as our population grows from 7.5 billion (today) to 9.8 billion in 2050, we’ll need 50 percent more land and will have to produce more food in the next 40 years than in the previous 10,000 years combined.

Oh yeah, and we have that climate change issue to worry about that is also largely also being driven by our appetite for meat.

We still have a fighting chance to slow down the pace of climate change and minimize the drain on our natural resources. All we have to do is redefine our food system. The short answer? Plants! By eating plant-based you can cut your carbon footprint in half, save thousands of gallons of water a day and help redirect some of the crop calories wasted on farm animals today to feed an additional four billion people.

The question is: are you brave enough to become a vegan for the planet?




The most beautiful and atmospheric open-air setting for watching great films.

We support the work of artists and filmmakers working in the philanthropic, environmental and social impact sectors, acting in a promotional capacity connecting people to films that will assist them in their journey as catalysts for positive change.

 with unlimited popcorn!



 Selected artists invited to create their work live, painting - sculpture - photo - art performance  in a magic lounge with  the integration of environmental aspects into design and development, with the aim of reducing adverse environmental impacts 





The eco-art performance, “You live Your Mark on Me” is the artist's thought-provoking work about the mark that people leave on the planet. AB proposes seven topics of reflection, one for each continent represented by performers, and invites the audience to leave a “Green Mark” on the performers to show their awareness of environmental issues.

Members of the audience who choose to participate and contribute will dip their thumbs in green paint and then physically leave their thumbprints, or "Awareness Green Mark,” on the performer's body. The performer's physique, now stamped with dozens of thumbprints, will then be part of an “art intervention," representing the mark that humans leave on Earth. Every participant will receive an exclusive pin number in their certificate of participation. The performance will be documented with photographs and video footage that will become part of the art book "You Leave Your Mark on Me."


Art for CSR

(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the growing practice in which businesses participate in initiatives that benefit society.

We believe it is vital to better the communities where we live and work.  

We use Participatory Art as our tool.

We offer creative solutions to environmental challenges. 


Your company can be at the top of CSR in 2019!


A great opportunity to making a visible difference on the local, national and global level,  from environmental our campaign, represent a positive change that will be felt for years to come.

Let's run this CSR campaign together!





We Offer

  • Education Campaign generating awareness of, and commitment to, environmental actions to improve the quality of life. 


  • PARTICIPATORY ECO ART: funny for everybody!


  • Ecological Ethic Habits. Fostering Cultural Change.


  • CO2 Reduction. Optimizing Sustainable Development:1Million CO2 less.


  • Global Reach: Social Media Difussion 


  • Developing and promoting CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) 


  • CSR: APPLICATION FOR AWARDS, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL. A collaborative effort with high impact. Create innovative solutions to meet the challenges associated with sustainability. Unique proposal 


  • Collateral benefits received from the Art Basel Miami Beach week event;
    - More than 82,000 attendees from all over the world with a high cultural target.
    - World press.
    - Leadership in Marketing Green, novelty and high impact on results.


  • Tourist Attraction Point, The installation “OUR GREEN MARK" by AB a labyrinth composed by 200 plants that make 4300 ft2 to virtual-exhibit art pieces of ecological art, will be moved to a public access point in Miami Beach generating more visibility every day.

Be Eco Partner

Our Sponsorship proposal is focused on five key areas help to build 'Green" brand visibility, recognize your generosity, offer creative approval, measure metrics and keep lines of communication open.

1. Leadership and commitment to sustainable development


2. Recognition of, and proximity to, the various stakeholders


3. Economic, social and environmental revenues benefitting you and your stakeholders (organizers, sponsors, suppliers, workers, host city)


4. Empowering entire communities.


5.Application for AWARDS- NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL. The collaborative effort with high impact. Create innovative solutions to meet the challenges associated with sustainability. 

Your  Choice

"Thank you so much for your consideration! We hope that you will be able to contribute and collaborate with us in advancing our goal of a greener and more sustainable Earth"





Artist, Creator and Director
Green on Gray Eco-art Project



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