It’s the opportunity to leave a mark in art and be a protagonist of the change, not just being a passive spectator of the harms of urbanization.


Without geographical frontiers. No racial, religious, social or sexual distinctions.


"Leave your GREEN MARK" suggests implementing 10 eco-ethical actions to each participant commit for 1 ton CO2 reduction per year. 

This strategy can make possible our goal of achieving the promise of reducing 1 million tons of CO2 per year!


The harmony between the human race and nature. Each responsible person who leaves their GREEN MARK mark in the artwork also takes the commitment to reduce carbon emissions, creating a positive social, economic and environmental impact.  ​​

  • Best Strategy: 


We know good corporate citizenship is one of the single most important factors affecting the success of businesses today. Corporations are increasingly expected to give back to the community and demonstrate the impact of their charitable giving to key stakeholders.

Leave your GREEN MARK on the planet is an original proposal with this unique four characteristics that make it especially attractive.





The purpose of this proposal is to raise $60,000 for the development of GREEN on GRAY´s (GoG) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Annual Membership Program. Corporate social responsibility, often abbreviated "CSR," is a corporation's initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on environmental and social wellbeing. CSR aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical.

The initiative was created in 2018 by Art For Evolution non-profit organization, part of the GREEN on GRAY Project.





The GREEN on GRAY´s (GoG) CSR Program

Our original program allows all types of companies to be a part of a big impact CSR campaign and to be proud of their contribution and the benefits. GOG CSR Program offers different membership levels and includes education, ecological ethics, green spaces, C02 reduction, and Participatory Art.


  • Vission:​​​

In America, business united is uniquely placed to help to create a better world in which everyone can thrive through cultural, social, environmental and economic progress

  • Mission: 
  1. Increase the integration of environmental awareness into the management of companies.

  2. Be a platform for collaboration with stakeholders and a catalyst for innovation to build a sustainable and environmentally responsible society in America and beyond.

  3. Be a cultural and business network which is recognized as a green global leader.

  • Main Goal:

The GoG CSR Annual Program`s main goal is to educate the community implementing 10 eco-ethical actions to which participants can commit for CO2 reduction. 

Your help can make possible our goal of achieving the promise of getting 1 million of commitments for reducing 1 Million tons of CO2.



  • Our Tool:
Participatory Art

GoG´s CSR Program uses the participatory artwork "Leave your GREEN MARK" as tools to increase understanding and knowledge of environmental issues and solutions. The importance of the artistic message is the vehicle for the issues, discussion, and awareness of environmental issues.​




About "LEAVE YOUR GREEN MARK". Analia Bordenave created Tribute to Individuality, LEAVE YOUR MARK in 2009 and redirects it towards its global expansion: Art Lovers International Tour. The participatory global artwork visits an array of Latin American Art Fairs, inspiring thousands of individuals to LEAVE A MARK. This artwork is a “Tribute to Individuality” by those who seek to make the world a better place through art. TRIBUTE TO INDIVIDUALITY ART LOVER INTERNATIONAL TOUR was present in ArteBA 09 Buenos Aires (Argentina), ART BO 09 Bogotá Colombia, MIA10 Miami, Art Palm Beach 10 Palm Beach, Los Angeles Art Show10 Los Angeles the USA, CIRCA 10 San Juan Puerto Rico. During 2010 "THE ARGENTINIAN BICENTENNIAL MARK", in the Argentinian Senate, all Senators left The Bicentennial mark in the artwork. 2011 presented "Leave a Charity Mark". The artwork generates participation from celebrities who contribute to the biggest charity event to benefit UNICEF Argentina". The work of art received very prestigious awards. From there to the present the artist and Art for Evolution `s Founder use her "ecological art" and “participatory art” as tools to increase understanding and knowledge of environmental issues and solutions. 




We invite you to help us to create this important, innovative,

and unique CRS program to raise environmental awareness

to heal and preserve the planet.











 Individuality becomes an international masterpiece that unifies every single one of us, as unique and irreplaceable as we are. Each one of us contributes to make the world better.”



  • 2018- Leave your Green Mark: Miami

  • 2016- Eco-art Performance: Miami

  • 2014- The Green Mark: Miami

  • 2013- Green on Gray: Miami

  • 2012- Ecology Lovers: Miami

  • 2011- Unicef Argentina

  • 2010-  - Argentinian Bicentennial at the Argentinian Senate

  • 2009-10-  Art Lovers International Tour: Buenos Aires - Bogota - Miami - Palm Beach - Los Angeles - San Juan de Puerto  Rico



Leave your Green MARK

Add your GoG Commitment

Participatory Artwork

Change the World with art

We offer participants 10 eco-ethical changes to implement in their day to day and reduce at least 1 ton of emissions per year. This commitment reduces their environmental impact switching a gray mark (pollution) into a GREEN MARK.

Once the participants accepted the GoG Commitment, they use one of their thumbs, painted with green ink, to leave a physical mark on the art piece and on a participation certificate. Both with a unique PIN number that allows them to identify their unique GREEN MARK in the finished artwork.

Each participant gives an email and takes a picture with the green thumb, for the artistic documentation of the commitment to "Leave a GREEN MARK on the planet" with the Participatory Eco Artwork: 

"Tribute to your Individuality"

“Your GREEN MARK becomes an international masterpiece that assembles all those who leave a mark to contributes with their unique gift -their Individuality- to create a better world.”

Analia Bordenave

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Each participant leaves his or her green mark on the piece of art,

and on their participation certificate 

They have a PIN number that identifies them.

Each unique mark is exhibited

The picture represents the exact moment we choose to contribute to a better world.




About Us 

ecological art
ecological art
ecological art


Art For Evolution (AFE ) is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2013 in Miami, Florida by the ecological artist Analia Bordenave to raise awareness of our habits that negatively impact the planet, and shift those toward creating a positive and lasting (green) mark on the planet.


Art For Evolution's mission is to strengthen the community and the environment through art.


Art For Evolution's vision is to preserve our environment by compensating the impact of human activity through Art.


Art For Evolution uses Ecological Art and Participatory Art as tools to increase understanding and knowledge of environmental issues and solutions. AFE provides education about solutions to environmental problems and provides safe alternatives to threats to the environment through the 1st project, GREEN on GRAY, and culture to live in a sustainable way.

AFE Core Values: The GREEN on GRAY Project, promotes environmental awareness as well as actions toward mitigating climate change. We encourage education and collaborative actions that reduce pollution and other negative consequences generated by excessive consumption through Participatory and Ecological Art.




The CO2 footprint (GRAY MARK) measures the impact that human activities produce on the environment. The carbon mark is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an event, product, or person.

The most dangerous and common gases are carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane. The CO2 comes from the use of fossil fuel for transportation and industries: oil, carbon, and natural gas.

  • Carbon dioxide emissions have risen 60%.

  • The global temperature has increased six-tenths of a degree Fahrenheit.

  • The planet has increased in that time its population 1,700 million.

  • The sea level has risen 7.5 centimeters (3 inches).

  • The extreme weather events have increased by 30% in the US.

  • The ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica have declined by 4.9 trillion tons of ice







The good news is that knowing the problem is the first step toward fixing it! Measuring our Gray Mark gives us the possibility to reduce our impact!

Everybody can leave a GREEN MARK on the planet.

We believe in the power of the crowd, and want to awaken it! 


  • Involve the players in the current problem to also be protagonists of the solution.

  • Suggest that everyone take responsibility to reduce and compensate their pollution to achieve neutralization.

  • Through global participatory art, awaken awareness of the role of the power of change to transform our gray mark into a GREEN MARK.


           can change the world




The human tendency towards the destruction of nature does not allow anyone to seek refuge in indifference. As we must contend with our habits of consumption and pollution and their impact on natural resources and our environment.


With your help, through participatory art, the GoG´s CSR Annual Membership Program plan involves companies and people working across the globe to establish an eco-ethical commitment and behaviors that begin to counter the impact of carbon emissions. This effort is a significant step toward thwarting environmental crisis.




 The Problem is "Your MARK"



Does your mark on the world leave a positive impact or a scar?

The worst environmental problems are results of human negligence toward nature, and the depletion of resources over time, with exponential consumption over the last century, forcing us to confront crisis today.


Why CSR? Top 20 Initiatives for 2017





The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also referred to as corporate conscience or responsible business. This concept includes the social and environmental awareness that organizations are expected to demonstrate with ethical day-to-day business practices, but also involves how companies give back to society and communities through special projects.


1. Ben & Jerry’s: Ben & Jerry’s Foundation 

2. Bosch: “responsibility creates trust” 

3. Starbucks: “Sustainable Coffee Challenge.”

4. IKEA: Brighter Lives for Refugees 

5. Salesforce: “The business of business Is improving the state of the World.”

6. Dell: Legacy of Good 

7. Levi Strauss & Co.: “sewn into the fabric

8. Virgin Atlantic: Change is in the Air 

9. BMW: social responsibility programs

10. Alphabet (Google): One of its goals is “Data-driven, human-focused philanthropy—powered by Google”

11. Walt Disney Company: “VoluntEARS

12. LinkedIn: LinkedIn for Good

13. Apple: “ask less of the planet”

14. TOMS: “One for One

15. Cisco: Cisco’s CSR 

16. Zappos: Zappos for Good

17. 3M: Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge,

18. IBM: Citizen IBM 

19. Deloitte: makes clear 

20. General Electric: GE Foundation  


Annual Membership Program





The GoG´s CSR Annual Membership Program offers different membership levels.

Each member of our CSR Annual Membership Program will be part of a multi-level plan that seeks to maximize the impact of each donation due to the fact that the members not only can deduct it from taxes but also because they'll get the benefits of being part of a CSR program. READ MORE



The Big Goal 





Help us to start the GoG´s CSR Annual Membership Program you will see your donation become a big project!


Leave your GREEN MARK suggests implementing 10 eco-ethical actions to each participant commit for 1 ton CO2 reduction per year. 


Your help can make possible our goal of achieving the promise of getting 1 million of commitments for reducing 1 Million tons of CO2 per year!


This will also be your goal!

The Program Benefits

  • Education Campaign generating awareness of, and commitment to, environmental actions to improve the quality of life

  • PARTICIPATORY ART: funny for everybody!

  • Ecological Ethic Habits. Fostering Cultural Change 

  • CO2 Reduction. Optimizing Sustainable Development

  • Global Reach: Social Media Difussion 

  • Developing and promoting CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) 

  • CSR: APPLICATION FOR AWARDS, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL. A collaborative effort with high impact. Create innovative solutions to meet the challenges associated with sustainability. Unique proposal.​​



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We need



You will receive: 


  • A donation acknowledgment to deduct 100% from your taxes.

  • Public "Thank You" in your local News Papers

  • Social Media Shout Out

  • Surprise Donor Gift

  • Website Appreciation Page


What will we do with your generous donation?


Development GoG´s CSR Annual Membership Program :

  • Development: CSR Annual Membership Program’s most prestigious level of membership designed for companies seeking the highest impact.

  • Membership Certificate Design

  • CSR Toolkit

  • Search CSR PROFESSIONAL TEAM for CSR Workshop 

  • CSR Annual Membership Program website section.

  • Weekly NewsBreak e-mail with advertising and branding opportunities

  • CSR Directory on www.artforevolution.org


Supporting Art:

  • Initial Artwork cost: design, infrastructure, materials etc

  • New Website with online marks search, shared on the social networks.

  • Development: Commitment 1 CO2 ton per year reduction on our "1 Million" goal.

  • Design and printed PR & diffusion material.


Development Leave your GREEN MARK Events:

  • Events: Initial material

  • Search and hiring assistants and team workers.

  • Press diffusion Campaign

  • PR Campaign

  • Specific Program Marketing and diffusion 

We need


You can leave your Green Mark on the planet. Your generous contribution will help us to raise awareness and educate our community to generate eco-ethical habits, protecting our natural resources and respecting the planet. 


We hope that you will consider making this success possible with a generous—and much-appreciated—donation.



HELP US and leave your 

 "GREEN MARK" on the Planet 

Your  Choice






Just click HERE to view a printable PDF version of the pledge card. 

You can then fill it out and mail it, along with your check, to 

Art For Evolution, Inc. 

PO Box 310513

Miami FL 33231


Art For Evolution. Inc.

Citibank Account: 3290284251 

Routing: 067004764​​​




  • Art For Evolution nonprofit executive compensation. Board directors are not salaried. Currently, all staff is volunteer. At this point we need to contract a specialized professional team to achieve our goals. Help us grow!  DONATE NOW


  • Gifts to Art For Evolution, Inc. are tax-deductible according to IRS regulations. Please use our acknowledgment as a receipt for your charitable contribution deduction, pursuant to IRS Code Section 6115. Art For Evolution, Inc. has complied with registration requirements of Chapter 496, Florida Statutes, and the Solicitation of Contribution Act, Registration No.CH45311.




  • The funds received through the entirety of the corporation’s activities will be used exclusively for the purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and will not be used for personal gains of any sort. Art For Evolution Inc. is organized exclusively for educational purposes. No part of the net earnings of Art For Evolution, Inc. shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions consistent with these Articles. No substantial part of the activities of the corporation shall be the carrying on of advertising, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the corporation shall not participate in, or interfere in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of this document, the corporation shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by any organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or (b) by an organization, contributions to which are deductible under section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.



Be our ECO friend

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