Our security, our economy, our very survival all require healthy oceans. Healthy oceans are the life support system for our planet, providing 97 percent of the Earth’s livable habitat and a home to more than 700,000 species. 

Because you and the future of all those you love depends on healthy oceans. 
We want a better future for our oceans and the people that depend on them. 

Leave your Blue Mark and add your awareness commitment for the oceans. 


Because the oceans are essential to life on Earth.
The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth, it is the planet’s life support system. Oceans generate half of the oxygen we breathe and, at any given moment, they contain more than 97% of the world’s water. Living oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce climate change impacts. The diversity and productivity of the world’s oceans is a vital interest for humankind. 




Add your GREEN on GRAY

(GoG) Commitment

We offer participants GoG Commitment to implement in their day to day and reduce at least 1 ton of emissions per year. Also, 10 eco-ethical changes to reduce their environmental impact in the oceans switching a gray mark (pollution) into a BLUE MARK.

Be part of the 1 Million CO2 Reduction Challenge

Leave your BLUE MARK of awareness to protect our Oceans

Once the participants added their GoG Commitment, they use one of their thumbs, painted with blue ink, to leave a physical mark on the art piece and on a participation certificate. Both with a unique PIN number that allows them to identify their unique BLUE MARK in the finished artwork and on-line in our website.

Participatory Artwork

Each participant gives an email and takes a picture with the blue thumb, for the artistic documentation of the commitment to "Leave a BLUE MARK for the oceans" with the Participatory Eco Artwork: 

"Tribute to your Individuality"


Change the World with Art

“Your BLUE MARK becomes an international masterpiece that assembles all those who leave a mark to contributes with their unique gift -their Individuality- to create a better world.”

Analia Bordenave

Each BLUE MARK in the participatory artwork "LEAVE YOUR BLUE MARK FOR THE OCEANS by AB" is represented by a unique coral with the same PIN number. Small specimens of coral are collected from a healthy “donor coral” under our experts' supervision. After collection, the samples are placed on the "BLUE MARK LABYRINTH by AB" to let them grow.

Our "BLUE MARK LABYRINTH by AB" is an underwater artwork used to grow corals. 200 corals trees will house around 20,000 pieces of corals per year, creating a unique marine labyrinth as a piece of art that everyone can enjoy diving.


During their time in our artwork, Corals are carefully maintained by regular cleaning and removal of invasive species.

Our main goal is ​to improve genetic diversity and increase numbers of corals, while also creating blue-green jobs in an artwork.

After 9 months to 1 year, when the samples reach the desired size they are removed from the "BLUE MARK LABYRINTH by AB" and are attached to the "BLUE MARK REEF ART PARK by AB" by our experts. ​


The new reef will be constituted with different species forming a print that will become a park to be visited by the public. Everyone can follow the growth of their coral by using coordinates of Google Maps, Photos, Videos, and visit the BLUE MARK REEF ART PARK.

To support thriving coastlines and ocean ecosystems, A.B. and AFE's Team are working with local partners to build artificial reefs -- creating more "BLUE MARK REEF ART PARKS" as a refuge for marine life and a living legacy to future generations.

Your help can make possible our goal of achieving the promise of reducing 1 million tons of CO2.

Be part of our GoG Challenge!

The participatory artwork that raises awareness to generate eco-ethical habits, protecting our oceans and natural resources and respecting the Planet.


Our coral nursery will be a touristic attraction and an important component of marine conservation, providing a collection of species that will create coral parks around the world.


The new reefs, created with different species forming a print, becomes underwater parks to be visited by the public.

World Premiere.

Harnessing the record-breaking power of the masses, we will create the world's largest participatory artwork at

Guinness World Records. 

Join us!





You can leave your Green Mark on the planet. Be our Eco Partner. Your generous contribution will help us to raise awareness and educate our community to generate eco-ethical habits, protecting our natural resources and respecting the planet. 


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