ART FOR EVOLUTION provides education about solutions to environmental problems and safe alternatives to threats to the environment through the first Project: GREEN on GRAY (G.O.G)


The GREEN ON GRAY PROJECT promotes mitigation of climate change as well as environmental awareness and actions. Through education and collaboration, G.O.G. seeks to stabilize the changes and effects that t excessive consumption generates (pollution), in sufficient time to allow ecosystems to adapt naturally to climate change and international economic development and maintain the capacity for sustainability.





A mark on the planet is left as a consequence of our



The CO2 footprint (GRAY MARK), measures the impact that human activities produce on the environment. The carbon mark is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an event, product, or person.

The most dangerous and common gases are carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane. The CO2 comes from the use of fossil fuel for transportation and industries: oil, carbon, and natural gas.

  • Carbon dioxide emissions have risen 60%.

  • The global temperature has increased six-tenths of a degree Fahrenheit.

  • The planet has increased in that time its population 1,700 million.

  • The sea level has risen 7.5 centimeters (3 inches).

  • The extreme weather events have increased by 30% in the US.

  • The ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica have declined by 4.9 trillion (right) tons of ice





Human consumption already exceeds the capacity of nature to renew these resources.

Society as a whole contributes to the environmental issues that we face. Urban planning, businesses, governments at all levels , and individuals all contribute to environmental problems including those that directly affect climate change. Planet Earth will continue its processes; it will continue as it has done after each episode of species changing extinction. Can the human race survive the changes and the effects that our excessive consumption generates?



Involve the players in the current problem to also be protagonists of the solution.

Suggest that everyone take responsibility to reduce and compensate their pollution to achieve neutralization.

Through global participatory art, awaken awareness of the role of the power of change to transform our gray mark into a GREEN MARK, created as a tool to neutralize pollution, voluntarily provided by each member of the GREEN on GRAY alliances.








CO2 Calculator allows an individual take an inventory to know and measure the amount of CO2 that their activities generate as a negative impact on the environment.





The GREEN on GRAY Commitment can reduce the CO2 emissions (10 simple ECO ETHIC changes in daily life). A real time counter indicates the number of participants, CO2 reduced and money saved as a result of the global program GREEN ON GRAY







with ART


These natural ecosystems play a significant role in climate change. Through the process of photosynthesis, green plants absorb CO2 from the air and use solar energy, water, and salts from the soil, and transform them into organic substances. This way they become carbon collectors.


Each participant adds their GREEN MARK codes to plant their trees with their name in the VIRTUAL LAND ART PARK. After completing the necessary amount of GREEN MARKS, the virtual version will become a real Land Art Park, made with your trees in the shape of a fingerprint.

Voluntarily contribute the necessary amount of GREEN MARKS to neutralize the pollution by adding plants and trees for the Ecological Participatory Art (Public Parks of Land Art).









In, each participant can add their GREEN MARKS code to plant their trees with their name in the VIRTUAL LAND ART PAK .Upon completion of the necessary amount of GREEN MARKS in the virtual version, the actual Land Art Park will be planted.






Step1: Define the carbon footprint reduction goals and scope that the event could generate, taking into account items like transportation, waste produced, type of energy used, food, etc.


Step 2: Define actions and follow-up processes that have to be undertaken to reach the goals specified in step 1.


Step 3: Use the Green Meeting sustainable criteria to control actions during the event.


Step 4: The environmental impact reduction is calculated, the results are communicated, and a strategy to better reach your goals or to create better goals for the next event.


Step 5: Purchase the necessary Green Marks to neutralize the event’s environmental impact. The participation in the Eco Art Work is planned, and the Green Marks will soon become trees.


Step 6: Finally, you will receive a certificate attesting to the carbon footprint neutralization of your emissions.


Step 7: During the follow-up, our team will assure that all the projects are carefully monitored within and after their execution. It will be possible to follow the plants and trees growing in real time through our exclusive TIMELINE with pictures, videos, and the Google Maps coordinates.


For further information, please contact: 

Green Events Organizers Directory.


You can use an event to begin the CO2 neutralization process:


Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Gym Clubs, Shopping Malls, Stores, Hotel Lobbies, Restaurants, Schools, Banks, City Events, etc, are called to place an elegant glass vitrine full of green gifts and being part of the awareness campaign I'm Green on Gray.


Join Us ,

Help the Planet


Gift Point location in USA

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Art for Evolution Eco Art Gallery is a Miami-based initiative that will provide sales of art from established and up and coming ecological artists to customers in its targeted market.



The gifts allow us to communicate a positive message of care and environmental compromise. In our Eco Shop Online Store, you will find products that relate to the reduction of ecological damage that our consumption generates in the environment.

Every Green on Gray gift that we have is distinguished by:

-High Quality

-Artistic Design

-Respect for the environment

-Responsible and ethical consumption.

Start to think Green!

Follow GREEN ON GRAY on road!


Can you imagine our GREEN on GRAY on Road traveling across town?
Yes, entirely covered with plants, spread our message, involving the community in ecological events from over powerful social media campaign. JOIN US!




You can make a sustainable and lasting gift to Art For Evolution, by enrolling to make automatic monthly donations via credit card. It is an easy way to make a larger contribution over a longer period, and to take the worry out of remembering to renew your support.


ALLIANCE whit the


To reach our goal of Involve the players in the current problem to be Also Protagonists of the SOLUTION Art for Evolution creates Alliances with the Planet.

The Pillars of The Alliance 

Leave your GREEN MARK on the world



Our Eco Mark Program has also been established to cover our operating expenses. We will depend on the Eco Mark program's initiatives to cover everything from staff salaries to basic office systems to office rent and supplies.

These initiatives are some of our most significant: the investment in these initiatives fuels our long-term mission, our ability to develop as an organization, and our mission to continue using 100% of public donations for Green projects.


Today we propose to you to plan the renaissance of your awareness and ecological responsibility, to make a GREEN MARK on the planet.



Pladge your BIRTHDAY




First step is simple – you just have to pladge your GREEN OR GRAY BIRTHDAY using the simple form, and share your commitment to let the world known you are our AMBASSADOR.



Start your CAMPAIGN




When your birthday approaches, we’ll remind you to start a fundraising page, and ask your friends to donate and contribute for your “GREEN RENAISSANCE DAY”. They will be happy to gift you something special and transcendent!


* 100% of the money from your campaign will be for trees. 


Enjoy the growth of  YOUR TREES in the Park and visit them. 



Space is planted with native species forming a print that will become a park to be visited by the public. Everyone can follow the growth of their trees in real-time through our TIMELINE. You can use Google Maps coordinates, Photos and Videos, and visit the LAND ART PARK.



Promise your birthday or your event to be a GREENonGRAY AMBASSADOR





Add your TREES to the Virtual Land Art Park



This is an unforgettable experience!  

You can plant your trees with your name in the VIRTUAL LAND ART PARK .

Upon completion of the virtual version, the actual Land Art Park will be planted with live trees. 






The Green On Gray Project create three powerful campaigns to generate the maximum amount of GREEN MARKS to produce the necessary trees and plants in the Eco Participatory Art Project.





$ 50. The purchase allows for financing GREEN on GRAY global actions.

100% of GREEN MARKS fund the Land Art Parks, designed to compensate and neutralize CO2. Operating costs are funded through ECO MARKS from private donors.

You can read about our GREEN MODEL, here.




The GREEN MARKS become a massive, international mechanism of neutralization, converting into plants and trees, to compensate CO2 emissions that we can’t avoid and are a source of global warming or greenhouse gases. (GHG) emissions.

Green on Gray ecologic alliance
Green on Gray ecologic birthday


We depend on 5 Initiatives to cover our mission and to continue using 100% of public donations for GREEN projects to give a better planet to future generations.

Green on Gray G-point
Green on Gray Art gallery
Green on Gray eco shop
Green on Gray tour bus
Green on Gray Handshake


Green on Gray logo

Works of live art, which become the Ecological and Cultural Heritage that "leave a green print on the planet" to neutralize the pollution we generate.



Our real time counter indicates the number of participants, CO2, and money saved as a result of the Alliance's ongoing global program GREEN ON GRAY


Specific results of each Alliance:

- Information and awareness

- Education campaign and eco ethical commitment

- Citizen, governmental, and business participation in synergy for the planet


Check Envoironmental Benefit here.


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