We would like to invite you to join the Advisory Council of ELITE GOG.


This council consists of thoughtful community leaders who meet directly with Analia Bordenave -AFE's founder- to advise the new program ELITE GOG.

We admire your work and we would be very grateful to have your thinking as we go forward.

The responsibilities of Advisory Council members are to:

  • Attend video- conference with AB

  • Contribute your expertise and thinking to the current and future work of ELITE GOG

  • Be available for telephone calls each from AB or staff seeking advice

  • Allow AFE  to publish your name as a member of the ELITE GOG Advisory Council

In return, AFE  promises you:

  • A complimentary ELITE GOG membership during your term on the Advisory Council.

  • Recognition and gratitude in LINKEDIN

  • Letter of Recognition to add to your CV

  • An appreciation of your time and a commitment not to abuse your time or your generosity


Advisory Council terms are for one year.


Our collective efforts will give a great outcome for a better world. This will be only possible through your commitment of time and effort, which is especially
notable given your normal responsibilities.
If you accept to be part of the ELITE GOG Advisory Board this thank you for your continued commitment to the values and mission of the AFE. 







Be part of our GoG ELITE: 

a select group of people and corporations that is superior in terms of ability to take care of our future and the Planet.

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